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WoW ClassicDec 7, 2023 10:00 am CT

Earn Runes, gear, and bags by completing Waylaid Supplies in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft Classic‘s Season of Discovery has changed old world Azeroth by adding new abilities for every class, new endgame and open world encounters, and new systems to use with possibility of much more to come in the future. One of the smaller additions appearing right now in Season of Discovery is Waylaid Supplies. These are quest items tied to two new faction-specific supply groups — the Azeroth Commerce Authority for the Alliance and Durotar Supply Logistic for the Horde — that can be found in chests or dropped by random mobs throughout Azeroth.

How to complete Waylaid Supplies

Completing Waylaid Supplies is very straightforward — you can turn it in, unfulfilled, to one of your factions supply officers for a base reward or you can combine the missing supplies (which are either gathering or crafting items) noted in the description and the Waylaid Supplies to make it into a Supply Shipment and then turn it in. You don’t have to be proficient in the related gathering or crafting profession as all missing items can be purchased from the Auction House. The only limitation is you can hold one Waylaid Supplies at a time but you can hold multiple filled Supply Shipments.

When you’re ready to turn the quest in, you’ll need to find a Supply Officer in one of your faction’s capital cities:



  • Orgrimmar — Jornah at coordinates (51, 64)
  • Thunder Bluff — Dokimi at coordinates (39, 53)
  • Undercity — Gishah at coordinates (64, 38)

Supply Officers reward you with money, experience, and reputation with your faction’s supply group.

What are the rewards for Waylaid Supplies?

The money and experience you get are scaled to your level and are dependent if you choose to fulfill them while the reputation is only affected if the Supply Shipment is a level 10 or level 25 shipment, if it was turned in unfulfilled or fulfilled, and if it needed items from a gathering profession (including cooking, first aid, or fishing) or from a crafting profession. The level 10 Waylaid Supplies reward reputation until the Friendly rank, at which point you’ll need to start doing the level 25 version (which you can do even if you aren’t level 25) to reach Honored. This split was done to prevent higher level players from continuously farming Waylaid Supplies in low-level and starting areas. The level 25 waylaid supplies seem to give varying amounts of reputation but the minimum we’ve seen is listed below and we’ll update them as Season of Discovery continues!

Level 10 Waylaid Supplies

  • Unfulfilled — 100 Reputation
  • Fulfilled: Gathering — 300 Reputation
  • Fulfilled: Crafting — 450 Reputation

Level 25 Waylaid Supplies 

  • Unfulfilled — 200 Reputation
  • Fulfilled — (est.) 500 Reputation

Once you reach the Friendly rank, Supply Officers open up their vendor inventory will open up to you and you can start buying green level items for silver. The most important item sold by these vendors at Friendly is the Small Courier Satchel, a 10 slot bag. When you reach Honored, the supply officers will sell the 12 slot Steady Courier Bag for silver as well as one static Rune for each class for gold.

Alongside the Runes, the availability of the 10 and 12 slot bags at this stage of the game is helpful and something each adventurer should consider when stumbling upon one of these shipments. The current quest and reputation system for the Supply Groups imply that more quest items and rewards will be added at later so completing these as you get them now could benefit you in the future and make sure you’re not stuck playing catch up in future Season of Discovery level bands!

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