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WoWDec 26, 2023 11:00 am CT

New year, new January rewards at WoW’s Trading Post!

The dawn of a new year brings new January rewards at World of Warcraft‘s Trading Post! This is the final month of the Trading Post’s inaugural year and it’ll be the first time players can earn the 12 month reward for completing the monthly Traveler’s Log. Like other months, completing the Traveler’s Log objectives earns you progress towards this reward and Trader’s Tender to spend on other items you want. To really help players hit the mark this month, there will be another surge of quests and objectives that goes live in the last week of January. Don’t forget to hit the chest at Tawney and Wilder in Stormwind or Zen’shiri Trading Post in Orgrimmar to get your free, monthly reward of Tenders before you start browsing!

January Trading Post mounts

Two mounts are available in January’s Trading Post, the Armored Golden Pterrordax and the Jeweled Copper Scarab, both for 800 Trader’s Tender each. While the Pterrordax joins its previously obtainable multi-colored cousins, the Jeweled Copper Scarab appears just in time to go with the Call of the Scarab micro-holiday later this month on January 21.

January Trading Post ensembles, transmogs, and cosmetics

If it wasn’t already apparent, all of this month’s Trading Post items have a Bronze Dragonflight, sands of time-desert theme which lines up with some of this month’s Traveler’s Log objectives for completing Time Rifts and for Call of the Scarab. Two of these Ensemble sets, the Wastewander Tracker and the Solemn Watchman, are brand new sets that look like they could have originally fit in with the July Trading Post when Time Rifts and patch 10.1.5 went live but that month went for a mid-summer theme instead.

The rest of the offerings are truly all over the place but they’re mostly bronze or sepia-colored variants of previous Trading Post rewards, like the sarong, soiree gloves, Kalu’ak treads, and the shirt.

January Trading Post pets

The Time-Lost Salamanther is the first Trading Post pet of the year for 600 Trader’s Tender. An intriguing choice, given the desert-leaning theme for the month, but apparently some amphibians can survive in arid, desert conditions so it’s not way out of left field for a pet choice.

January Trading Post bonus reward

Completing January’s Traveler’s Log objectives nets you the Golden Mobile Timepiece and, if you’ve completed each Traveler’s Log so far, you will earn the “Trading Post Enthusiast” achievement and the corresponding Ensemble: Burden of Unrelenting Justice Warden transmog set. This set shift’s looks depending on the time of day in-game and when patch 10.2.5 launches, the non-shifting day and night sets will be available as separate transmogs making this one Ensemble actually three different Ensembles in a trench coat. If time wasn’t on your side fret not, you only need to complete 12 Traveler’s Log completions total, not consecutively. Once you hit the 12 month mark any time after patch 10.2.5’s launch, you will earn all three transmog sets.

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