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When is Warcraft Rumble Season 3? Emperor Thaurissan and Season 3 launch this weekend!

Warcraft Rumble’s Seasonal content is in full swing, with Season 2 recently picking up right after Season 1 ended. Of course, like any season-based game, there’s always a question of what’s next and when we’ll see new content. In this case, Warcraft Rumble Season 3 begins on January 21, 2024.

Here’s what we know about Season 3 so far.

What’s in Warcraft Rumble Season 3?

New Leader: Emperor Thaurissan

Warcraft Rumble Season 3 brings the game’s first post-launch Leader, Emperor Thaurissan. This will bring the number of Leaders in each family up to three, as the Blackrock family previously only had Rend Blackhand and General Drakkisath. Here are the details on Thaurissan:

  • Name: Emperor Thaurissan
  • Family: Blackrock
  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Traits: AOE, Ranged, Elemental, Fiery Weapon

Leader Abilities:

  • Lava Spike: A ranged elemental attack with an additional melee physical damage component.
    • Thaurissan targets the farthest enemy within range, and slams the ground, summoning a magma pillar below the enemy.
    • The magma pillar deals damage to the target and nearby enemies within a small area, and applies Burn.
    • The ground slam also causes a small earth spike directly in front of Thaurissan, applying physical damage to all enemies in melee rang.
    • Thaurissan will target enemies within melee range if no ranged targets are available, summoning the magma pillar, and the earth spikes directly in front of him.
  • Fiery Weapon: Allies apply Burn when dealing Physical damage.


  • Moira’s Wit: Nearby Burning enemies heal Thaurissan.
  • Hubris: After playing Thaurissan, your next non-Elemental Mini deploys with +2 levels.
  • Incinerate: Lava Spike’s Burn is permanent.

PVP changes mix up the competitive game

Instead of a single map, starting in Season 3 PVP maps will be randomized, so you won’t be stuck playing the same map all season. PVP will also have enchants, which are unique effects that change each match. We aren’t clear on whether you select enchants or one is randomly selected for you, but we’ll find out soon when the season launches. Here are the Enchants Blizzard has announced for PVP Season 3:

  • Collateral Damage: Towers deal 20% damage to their owner’s Barracks when destroyed.
  • Hero’s Resolve: Leaders level up each time they are played.
  • Stonebind: Towers convert to Meeting Stones when destroyed.
  • Ward: A good old fashioned brawl!
  • Adrenaline Rush: Your income increases as your Base health decreases.

Season 3 rewards

  • The Judgment Tower skin cosmetic from the guild Warchest
  • Gnomelia Plane Burning Emote from PVP (16,000 rating)

Is Molten Core coming in Warcraft Rumble Season 3?

It seems like a natural fit that Molten Core would premiere alongside a new Blackrock leader, but as of right now, there is no confirmed release date for Molten Core in Rumble. We know it will come out this year, but it won’t be launching with Season 3.

I suspect Blizzard is monitoring player levels and guild participation before settling on a specific date. When it does premiere, it will feature four co-op wings, Ragnaros as a Leader upon completion of the raid, and the introduction of Valor as a currency for upgrading army slots from Gold to Platinum.

In addition to Molten Core, Blizzard has confirmed — but not provided specific releases dates for — Scholomance, additional emotes and cosmetics, and the Moonglade zone. These will likely come with Seasons 4 and beyond, but we’ll be sure to update once we have more info.

Originally published December 12, 2023; updated January 19, 2024

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