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Discussion > WoWJan 19, 2024 8:00 am CT

What are your good luck rituals when gaming?

Love it or hate it, one of the most pervasive aspects of videogames — whether that’s MMOs like World of Warcraft, loot fiestas like Diablo 4, or even opening new packs in Hearthstone — is luck, as represented by the random number generator (or RNG). Almost all of us have felt the whims of RNG in our gaming, sometimes even personifying it. Doubtless some of us have tried in various ways to appease it, as well, just to try and get the randomness of it all to go in our favor for once; even if it’s just superstition, when you do your little ritual and things actually work out for you, you really have to start to wonder if maybe you’ve stumbled on some kind of good luck secret.

I admit I’m no stranger to this. Back in Legion, during the Monk Order Hall campaign, I had the opportunity to pick up a white-quality item called Smelly’s Luckydo from the quest of the same name. All this is is a simple item that bears the phrase “Luck +5.” No doubt in the grand scheme of things, this is pretty pointless; however, that hasn’t stopped me from having Smelly’s Luckydo sitting in the bag of whoever my raid main is for a given tier. My Evoker’s had it for all of Dragonflight — and now I’ve doubled down on lucky items, since a vendor in the Ohn’Ahran Plains will sell you a Lucky Horseshoe. This one even comes with a buff! Surely that’s actually mechanically good luck this time, right?

Obviously Blizzard hasn’t actually created an item that increases the chances of getting exactly the item I desire — that would be a little bit much, even for a Lucky Horseshoe. But something about having that horseshoe and that luckydo in my bags feels right, and sometimes rituals are just important in and of themselves. So what are your rituals, in or out of game, to attempt to sway luck your way?

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