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Diablo > Diablo 4Jan 24, 2024 9:00 am CT

How to complete the Season Journey in Diablo 4 Season 3, and all the rewards you’ll earn along the way

Diablo 4 Season 3 just began, bringing us a brand new Season Journey to complete. If you aren’t familiar in the concept, they’re a lot like the Diablo 3 Season Journey: it’s a series of increasingly difficult objectives that reward loot, gear, titles, cosmetics, and general prestige, as well as Season Blessings to buff you along the way.

The Season 3 Journey feels a bit easier than the Season 2 Journey, which was pretty rough at the higher tiers. While you’ll certainly have to put in some effort — including killing all of the World Bosses and summonable bosses — all of these achievements are very doable if you’re playing all season. Expect to play at least up to level 90 to complete it, but if you intend to kill Duriel and Lilith (which you don’t necessarily have to do), you’ll probably want to be level 100 with excellent gear.

If you’re playing Diablo 4 this season you should be able to make plenty of progress without too much work — and collect of rewards along the way. In my opinion the rewards are a little lackluster this season, without any notable cosmetics — only two emblems which can display beside your player portrait — or valuable Scrolls of Amnesia, which have been part of the Season Journey for the last two Seasons. Still, progressing through the Season Journey will unlock a lot of Legendary Aspects, crafting materials to use as you level, and a couple of neat titles at the end. There’s no reason not to work on it as you play, though you won’t miss out on much if you skip the difficult final tier.

Here are all of the objectives and rewards on the Diablo 4 Season 3 Season Journey, as well as some advice on how to make it through the Season 3 Journey.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 objectives

Complete 6 of 8 objectives to earn all rewards and unlock Chapter 2:

  • Complete 1 dungeon in Kehjistan
  • Complete 2 World Events
  • Defeat 5 elite monsters
  • Collect 15 Lifesbane
  • Salvage 10 magic items at the Blacksmith
  • Defeat 100 Constructs
  • Equip 1 Governing Stone to your Construct
  • Upgrade your potion to tiny at the Alchemist (requires level 10)

The first chapter should be simple to complete. I recommend starting in Kehjistan, where the seasonal story questline starts and you’ll be able to knock out the Kehjistan dungeon and collect Lifesbane. Get started on the seasonal quest immediately to unlock your Seneschal Construct — and the power that comes with it — and kill a few Constructs along the way. as you can — you’ll either have to complete or skip the campaign first — and you’ll pick up this chapter along the way.

Chapter 1 rewards

  • Greater Favor, to unlock new Battle Pass reward tiers
  • First Journey Cache, which contains Governing Stones, Tuning Stones, and crafting materials
  • Aspects:
    • Barbarian: Aspect of Sundered Ground: Every 25 seconds, Upheaval is guaranteed to Overpower and deals 10% increased damage. This timer is reduced by 4 seconds when Upheaval Overpowers a boss or elite enemy.
    • Druid: Virulent Aspect: When Rabies infects an enemy, reduce its cooldown by 0.30 seconds. This cooldown reduction is tripled when infecting elite enemies.
    • Necromancer: Shattered Spirit’s Aspect: Casting Bone Spirit also launches 18 Bone Splinters in all directions, dealing 200% increased damage and generating 6 Essence per enemy hit.
    • Rogue: Resistant Assailant’s Aspect: Breaking Concealment grants 10% resistance and maximum resistance to all elements for 4 seconds. Killing an elite enemy reduces Concealment’s cooldown by 6.0 seconds.
    • Sorcerer: Aspect of Shredding Blades: Ice Blades’ chance to apply Vulnerable is increased by 20% and the Vulnerable duration is increased by 4 seconds. You gain 15% Vulnerable damage.

Chapter 2

Complete 6 of 8 objectives to earn all rewards and unlock Chapter 3:

Chapter 2 objectives

  • Conquer 1 Stronghold
  • Complete 4 cellars
  • Upgrade your potion to minor at the Alchemist (requires level 20)
  • Unlock 6 Aspects in the Codex of Power
  • Open 1 Silent Chest
  • Acquire 4 Governing Stones
  • Craft 1 Uncertain Seneschal Stone Cache at the Jeweler
  • Complete 3 World Events with mastery

Again, you should complete this chapter by playing the game as usual — though if you’re like me you’ll have to go out of your way to do cellars and Silent Chests, which I tend to ignore because of their poor rewards. Keep working your way through the seasonal questline to collect Governing Stones and start crafting your own stones at the Jeweler. This chapter is even easier than it was last season, as there are fewer objectives to complete.

Chapter 2 rewards

  • Greater Favor, to unlock new Battle Pass reward tiers
  • Second Journey Cache, which contains Governing Stones, Tuning Stones, and crafting materials
  • Aspects:
    • Barbarian: Devilish Aspect: After generating 100 Fury your next Core skill creates a Dust Devil that deals 10 damage to enemies behind the target.
    • Druid: Aspect of the Alpha: Your Wolf Companions are now Werewolf Companions. Werewolf Companions deal 90% additional damage and can spread Rabies.
    • Necromancer: Aspect of Exposed Flesh: Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to generate 30 Essence when hitting a Vulnerable enemy.
    • Rogue: Infiltrator’s Aspect: Poison Trap no longer breaks Stealth and triggers no cooldown or arm time while you are in Stealth. All Poison Traps activate when you exist Stealth and Poison Trap’s cooldown will be 8.0 seconds per trap placed.
    • Sorcerer: Aspect of Frozen Orbit: Frozen Orb stays in place after reaching its destination and explodes 2 additional times for 30% of its damage.

Chapter 3

Complete 9 of 11 objectives to earn all rewards and unlock Chapter 4:

Chapter 3 objectives

  • Unlock 13 Aspects in the Codex of Power
  • Conquer 3 Strongholds
  • Obtain 10 Caches from the Tree of Whispers
  • Defeat Malphas
  • Defeat 50 elite constructs
  • Defeat 9 Vault Heralds
  • Acquire 14 Tuning Stones
  • Upgrade your potion to light at the Alchemist (requires level 30)
  • Acquire 1 Zoltun’s Warding
  • Reach level 35
  • Defeat 100 monsters while Bloodmarked in hostile areas

Chapter 3 was once a little higher level, requiring you to complete the first capstone dungeon to unlock World Tier 3. Now it only requires you to hit level 35, with achievements that should be doable around that level. Keep playing, keep going through the seasonal questline, and run some of the new Vault dungeons. It shouldn’t take long to complete this one.

Chapter 3 rewards

  • Greater Favor, to unlock new Battle Pass reward tiers
  • Third Journey Cache, which contains Pearls of Warding, Governing Stones, Tuning Stones, and crafting materials
  • Aspects:
    • Barbarian: Aspect of Limitless Rage: Each point of Fury you generate while at Maximum Fury grants your next Core skill within 5 seconds 1% increased damage, up to 15%.
    • Druid: Aspect of the Dark Howl: Debilitating Roar is now a Werewolf skill. In addition, Debilitating Roar will Immobilize Poisoned enemies for 2.0 seconds.
    • Necromancer: Blood Getter’s Aspect: Your maximum number of Skeletal Warriors is increased by 2.
    • Rogue: Ravager’s Aspect: Shadow Step has an additional charge. Killing an enemy with Shadow Step refunds a charge and increases the damage of Shadow Step by 1% for 2 seconds, up to 5%.
    • Sorcerer: Everliving Aspect: You take 20% less damage from Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemies.

Chapter 4

Complete 9 of 11 objectives to earn all rewards and unlock Slayer.

Chapter 4 objectives

  • Purify 1,000 Seeds of Hatred
  • Defeat 1 World Boss
  • Complete 1 Legion Event
  • Complete 10 Vaults
  • Unlock 10 Wardwoven Chests
  • Defeat 30 Vault Heralds
  • Complete 1 Nightmare Vault
  • Craft 1 Vault Sigil at the Occultist
  • Defeat Echo of Varshan in World Tier 3
  • Obtain 20 Caches from the Tree of Whispers
  • Reach level 55

Chapter 4 starts pushing you into World Tier 3, but you won’t have to dive too far into this new difficulty. This chapter requires level 55 as well as content appropriate for the level, like Nightmare Vaults and your first summonable boss, Varshan. (Don’t worry, on World Tier 3 he’s a bit of a pushover.) Keep working on Vault contents, killing Heralds and crafting Sigils, and you shouldn’t have any problem clearing this chapter.

Chapter 4 rewards

  • Greater Favor, to unlock new Battle Pass reward tiers
  • Fourth Journey Cache, which contains Pearls of Warding, Governing Stones, Tuning Stones, and crafting materials
      • Barbarian: Aspect of Encroaching Wrath: After spending 100 Fury, your next Weapon Mastery skill within 5 seconds deals 40% increased damage.
      • Druid: Aspect of Nature’s Savagery: Werewolf skills function as Storm skills and Werebear skills function as Earth skills for the Nature’s Fury Key Passive.
      • Necromancer: Aspect of Serration: The Ossified Essence Key Passive also increases the Critical Strike damage of your Bone skills by 1% per Essence above 50, up to 3o%.
      • Rogue: Snap Frozen Aspect: Each Chilled or Frozen enemy you evade through grants you a Barrier that absorbs damage for 5 seconds.
      • Sorcerer: Aspect of Frozen Memories: The Avalanche Key Passive now applies to 1 additional cast.


Complete 9 of 11 objectives to earn all rewards and unlock Champion.

Slayer objectives

  • Equip a Sacred Legendary item in every slot
  • Open Tortured Gifts of 3 different types in a single Helltide
  • Defeat 6 Helltide Commanders
  • Defeat 100 champion monsters
  • Complete 20 Nightmare Vaults
  • Unlock 30 Wardwoven Chests
  • Craft 50 Uncertain Seneschal Stone Caches at the Jeweler
  • Advance 1 Tuning Stone to Rank 10
  • Complete a Tier 21 or higher Nightmare Dungeon
  • Defeat Grigoire in World Tier 4
  • Read all of Zoltun Kulle’s journal entries (found in Wardwoven Chests)

With Slayer, you’re getting into World Tier 4 content. While most of these achievements are doable on other World Tiers, you have to defeat the summonable boss Grigoire on WT4, which means you’ll probably be around level 70. And Grigoire will be a tough boss for anyone who’s just jumped into WT4: spend some time gearing up before you go for this boss. This chapter also requires you to run Helltides, Vaults, and Nightmare Dungeons, as well as leveling your Seneschal’s abilities. Work on other achievements first and save Grigoire for last — or skip him and work on other achievements on the list. (However, you’ll want to kill Grigoire for loot at some point, so you may as well.)

Slayer rewards

  • Epic Favor, to unlock new Battle Pass reward tiers
  • Slayer’s Cache, which contains Pearls of Warding, Governing Stones, Tuning Stones, Ancestral Legendaries, and crafting materials
  • Seneschal Ideogram emblem
  • Aspects:
    • All classes: Aspect of Adaptability: When cast below 50% Maximum Resource, Basic skills generate 3 of your Primary Resource, once per cast. When cast at or above 50% Maximum Resource, Basic Skills deal 40% increased damage.
    • All Classes: Juggernaut’s Aspect: You gain Armor, but your Evade has 100% Increased Cooldown.


Complete 8 of 10 objectives to earn all rewards and unlock Destroyer.

Champion objectives

  • Equip Ancestral Legendary items in every slot
  • Acquire 6,666 Aberrant Cinders during Helltides
  • Defeat the Beast in Ice on World Tier 4
  • Defeat Lord Zir in World Tier 4
  • Defeat Echo of Malphas in World Tier 4
  • Unlock 50 Wardwoven Chests
  • Acquire all 12 Governing Stones
  • Acquire 25 Tuning Stones
  • Purify 33,333 Seeds of Hatred
  • Reach level 90

While Slayer required you to get to World Tier 4, Champion requires you to really push World Tier 4 content, killing more difficult summonable bosses, decking yourself out in Ancestral Legendaries, and acquiring almost all Governing and Tuning Stones for your Seneschal Companion. Keep working on seasonal content and Vaults to get your Seneschal up to par, and summon the bosses when you’re confident you can kill them (or when you have a high level friend helping you out). The final achievement on this tier is to reach level 90, but I expect you’ll be able to complete these sooner as long as you aren’t playing an exceptionally squishy build.

Champion rewards

  • Epic Favor, to unlock new Battle Pass reward tiers
  • Champion’s Cache, which contains Pearls of Warding, Ancestral Legendaries, and crafting materials


Complete 9 of 11 objectives to earn all rewards.

Destroyer objectives

  • Defeat Echo of Duriel 5 times in World Tier 4
  • Equip at least 8 Ancestral Unique items simultaneously
  • Improve 5 Paragon Glyphs to Rank 15
  • Equip 4 different types of Legendary Tuning Stones that are Rank 10
  • Defeat Echo of Lilith in World Tier 4
  • Defeat 5 Seething Abomination while Bloodmarked in Hostile areas
  • Complete 1 Tier 90 Nightmare Vault
  • Open 10 Tortured Gifts in a single Helltide in World Tier 4
  • Defeat The Wandering Death World Boss 2 times in World Tier 4
  • Defeat Avarice the Gold Cursed World Boss 2 times in World Tier 4
  • Defeat Ashava the Pestilent World Boss 2 times in World Tier 4

The final tier of the Season 3 Journey will be tough, but it still feels a little easier than its Season 2 equivalent, requiring lower level Paragon Glyphs and (relatively) easy World Boss kills. While the game’s most difficult bosses — Lilith and Duriel — are on the list, you could conceivably skip both in favor of other achievements and still complete the Season Journey. In fact, I think the most difficult achievement on this tier — aside from Lilith, anyway — is opening ten Tortured Gifts in a single Helltide. That’s going to mean going into a Helltide at the very beginning and significantly grinding for Cinders to unlock every Tortured Gift you can find. This would only total 750 Cinders if you managed to find enough gifts that cost 75 Cinders, but to make that count you’ll probably have to open at least a few that are more expensive. I recommend chain running events in Helltide zones, which always have good mob density to help you earn Cinders.

Destroyer rewards

  • Player titles Demon’s (prefix) and Whisper (suffix)
  • Destroyer’s Cache, which contains Pearls of Warding and Shattered Stone
  • Malphas Image emblem

And that’s all for the Season Journey in Diablo 4 Season 3. Good luck with this season and earning all of the rewards!

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