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DiscussionFeb 14, 2024 8:00 am CT

What video game genre have you somehow still not tried yet?

Zagreus from Hades

Video games come in a wide variety of flavors — some of those are more prominent than others (RPGs and platformers, for instance) but over time, the pool of video game genre has expanded more and more. If you’ve been gaming for a long time — or if you’ve just found your niche already — you’d be forgiven for not necessarily trying every single genre of game. You’d also be forgiven if you tried a genre once and haven’t touched it since.

Yours truly recently — in what can only be described as “very fashionably late” — finally started playing Hades. Which also means that I’ve started my first real roguelike game. Yes, the mega-popular roguelike genre is not one I have more than a modicum of hands-on experience with.

Or, I guess, HAD a modicum of experience with. I’m thoroughly and completely hooked on Hades now.

That said, I’m not entirely unfamiliar to roguelikes. Shadowlands somewhat infamously featured its own take on a roguelite experience with Torghast. But, to be honest, it was never something that hooked me the way I think Blizzard wanted it to — it never hooked me the way Hades has. Not by a longshot. So despite my slight exposure to roguelikes and roguelites, Hades in this, the year 2024, is my first genuine attempt to dive into the genre.

Now, it wasn’t too long ago that I was diving into a Soulsborne title for the first time, either. What started with Demon’s Souls turned into a year-long journey through something that has since become one of my favorite genres of all time (when done right). So it’s not just the roguelike genre that I’m dipping into freshly well into its existence — turns out, these super popular titles that were nothing like previous games I’d played were popular for a reason.

So now it’s time to turn to you. What game genre have you yet to try? Do you have any particular reason for it, or is it just one of those things that’s never crossed your radar enough? Have you ever been surprised by a genre you expected to hate? Let’s hear it below!

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