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The QueueFeb 21, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: How do you do, fellow humans

Free from mortal shackles at last. Unity. Precision. Perfection. The Queue has been engaged. Combat starting. Ready… go!


Feel like taking a guess at what secret content Blizz is hiding in 10.2.6? New race class combinations? New allied race? New core gameplay system?

Pirate Survivors.

A time survival mini-game with roguelite elements. The South Seas are rough, the pirates are here, and there’s no place to run or hide. All you can do is endure as long as you can until your loot is inevitably plundered. Gather gold in each run to buy upgrades and help the next survivor. Mow down thousands of sea raiders and survive ‘til the tide creeps in!


World of Warcraft major character Dance-Off. Who wins? Who’s a surprisingly good dancer? Who injures themselves? Who damages the dance floor so much it has to get fixed between rounds?

Aysa is quickly disqualified because she thinks it’s an eating competition, and ends up nom nom noming some of the decorations (which look surprisingly like bamboo).

Mekkatorque surprises everyone by not doing the robot dance. No one expects the old gnome to tap dance so well; everyone stops to watch him for a minute or two.

Gazlowe is not amused by it, though. In his fervor to prove Goblin superiority over Gnomes, he supercharges his Rocket Boots. Results are far more bombastic than he could have expected.

Wrathion tries way too hard to impress everyone, gets overly excited, and miscalculates just how big he would become upon assuming dragon form. A draenei and a tauren are injured, as is Wrathion himself, scorching his own wing with his fire breath, and destroying Silvermoon’s hottest dance floor, the Lune d’Argent. Lor’themar orders him executed on the spot, and has to be dissuaded from it by Baine.

Khadgar wins.


QftQ writers: Which Transmog set would you totally wear IRL?

Love Witch’s Attire.


Q4tQ If you could adopt a pet from each of the Blizzard in game universes, what would it be. There are cats and dogs in both Sanctuary and Azeroth, but there are other critters too that are unique to those worlds. Choose wisely.

Even though this question got stolen by the podcast last night, I had already written my answer, so I’m keeping it!

From Azeroth: Moonkin Hatchling.
From Sanctuary: anything from Sanctuary is potentially too scary, so I’m gonna play it safe and pick one of the dogs you can pet in Diablo 4.
From Overwatch’s Earth: Ganymede.
From StarCraft: Carbot Zergling.


Al’Akir, Ragnaros, Neptulon, and Therazane are in a cage match. Who wins?

Something like this really depends on who strikes first.

Neptulon would douse Rag’s flames.
Rag’s magma would melt Therazane from within.
Therazane would block Al’Akir’s wind, rendering him helpless.
Al’Akir would summon a storm and zap Neptulon.

It’s super effective!


Pandas and Dryads would be friends. Fact.
You’re in charge of writing a short story about dryads exploring Pandaria. Do they team up with Pandas and
A: Solve Crimes.
B: Solve Farming Crimes.
C: Teach Grummles to Hug
D: Rap Battles vs Klaxxi

These are all fantastic options, but I’m gonna go with B.

Mudmug’s pumpkins have been stolen! The Virmen blame the Hozen, the Hozen blame the Virmen! Whodunit? Fret not; Taoshi and Lunara are on the case! Hahahaha!


Q4tQ When do you expect to start seeing FF7R2 reviews and spoilers online?

I’m surprised we don’t have them already!


Q4tQ Which of the following Persona games would you prefer next?
Persona 6
Persona 1 and/or 2 Remastered
Persona 4 Remastered
Persona Dancing Ultimate
Aigis Metroidvania

Nanako Theft Auto

Among those options, Persona 6. But I wouldn’t be mad at all with remakes for 1 and 2.

Or Aigis Metroidvania, assuming it played like the fabulous Metroid Dread but featured Jack Frosts instead of Chozos.

End of current Queue. Take care, humans friends. I said friends.

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