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HearthstoneFeb 22, 2024 6:00 pm CT

All the Tavern Spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds — and when to use them

Spells are back in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, but it can be overwhelming to make sense of which ones are available on each tier — and more importantly, which ones you should buy. This guide is meant to make your life easier by listing all the spells in the game mode, and trying to help you decide which ones are worth investing your precious gold into.

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We’ve listed the spells by tier, and within each tier, by gold cost — remember that more expensive spells tend to have more powerful effects, to justify the higher investment. In general, it’s usually a better idea to buy a spell with your remaining 1 and 2 gold at the end of a turn, rather than refreshing your tavern — unless you’re really looking for a specific minion for your current build. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of any minions, quests, or effects that improve spells either: getting more of them or getting them for less gold can be a huge boon to your warband’s power.

All the Tier 1 Tavern Spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

One Gold

Tavern Coin allows you to effectively transfer a gold to a future turn, which is especially effective early game, sometimes allowing you to squeeze out an extra minion. Them Apples is excellent if you’re going to buy at least two minions from the current offering.


  • Give a minion +3 Health and Taunt.

Pointy Arrow

  • Give a minion +4 Attack.

Tavern Coin

  • Gain 1 Gold.

Tavern Dish Banana

  • Give a minion +2/+2.

Them Apples

  • Give minions in the Tavern +1/+3.

Two gold

Both Recruit a Trainee and Enchanted Lasso spells are amazing turn 3 plays, since they’ll let you get two minions right after upgrading to Tavern Tier 2 on the 2 (in most cases). The latter can still shine even later in the game.

Recruit a Trainee

  • Get a random Tier 1 minion.

Enchanted Lasso

  • Steal a random minion from the Tavern.

All the Tier 2 Tavern Spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

One gold

Lantern Light is an early spell that can still be very good to find even later in the game.

Careful Investment

  • Gain 2 Gold next turn.

Lantern Light

  • Give a minion stats equal to your Tier.

Two gold

Shiny Ring is very powerful if you can manage to get a full (or nearly full) board early on — but not as impactful as the game progresses. Chef’s Choice is a tremendous tool to help you focus on your desired minion type and find missing key pieces or triples.

Chef’s Choice

  • Choose a minion. Get a different minion of the same type.

Shiny Ring

  • Give your minions +1/+1.

Three gold

Hasty Excavation is honestly overpowered when you’re playing Demons (and have Soul Rewinder, of course), but not that useful otherwise. Strike Oil is a good call if your board is “strong enough” for the moment, and you’re confident you’re going to win your next bout or two.

Hasty Excavation

  • Gain 1 Gold. This costs Health to buy instead of Gold.

Strike Oil

  • Increase your maximum Gold by 1.

All the Tier 3 Tavern Spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

One gold

Overconfidence is a must buy if you’re about to face a player who’s been eliminated. Tricky Trousers is one of the most versatile spells in the game; use it to give Taunt to minions that need to die early, to protect specific minions, or to allow plays such as Magnetizing an Annoy-o-Module into a Foe Reaper 4000 and then removing its Taunt.

Fleeting Vigor

  • Start of Combat: Give your minions +2/+1.


  • If you win your next combat, gain 3 Gold. If you tie, gain 1.

Tricky Trousers

  • Give a minion +1/+2 and Taunt. If it already has Taunt, remove it.

Two gold

Boon of Beetles is still good when you’re playing Beasts, but it’s been slightly changed from how it used to be. The Beetles are stronger and always show up, but you only summon up to three of them.

Boon of Beetles

  • Start of Combat: When you have space during combat, summon a 3/3 Beetle. (Up to 3 times)
    • Only offered in Beast games. 

Staff of Enrichment

  • Minions in the Tavern have +1/+2 this game.

Three gold

Natural Blessing is a must-buy almost any time you see it (as long as you’re sticking mostly to a single minion type). Echoing Roar can work well in “end of turn” builds (especially for Dragons).

Echoing Roar

  • Give a friendly minion “At the end of your turn, gain +2/+2.”

Natural Blessing

  • Choose a minion. Give all minions that share a type with it +2/+2.

Suspicious Stimulant

  • Choose a minion in the Tavern. Lock it in your hand for one turn and double its stats.
    • Only offered in Elemental games.

Four gold

Planar Telescope is a fantastic spell, but expensive. For its normal price, it’s worth it sometimes; if you can get it discounted, absolutely do it.

Planar Telescope

  • Discover a minion of your most common type.

All the Tier 4 Tavern Spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

One gold

Gem Confiscation

  • Play 2 Blood Gems on a friendly minion. It steals all Blood Gems from its neighbors.
    • Only offered in Quilboar games. 

Two gold

Ritual of Growth is a costlier Tavern refresh that you should save for when it allows you to get at least one or two cards from higher Tiers — a fantastic tool in the middle stages of the game.


  • Destroy a friendly Undead. Your Undead have extra Attack equal to its Tier this game.
    • Only offered in Undead games. 

Ritual of Growth

  • Replace all cards in the Tavern with ones of a Tier higher.

Spitescale Special

  • Get 3 random Spellcraft spells.
    • Only offered in Naga games.

Toxic Tumbleweed

  • Start of Combat: Summon a 1/1 Tumbling Assassin with Venomous. It attacks immediately.

Three gold

Hired Headhunter and Contracted Corpse are both fantastic for their specific builds (i.e. Dragons with Battlecry, or Undead/Beasts with Deathrattles). Any build that abuses minions like Felemental (usually combined with Rylak Metalhead) can make good use of Dreamer’s Embrace.

Contracted Corpse

  • Discover a Deathrattle minion.

Defender’s Rites

  • Give a friendly minion +8/+8 and Taunt.

Dreamer’s Embrace

  • Trigger a friendly minion’s Battlecry.

Hired Headhunter

  • Discover a Battlecry minion.

Misplaced Tea Set

  • Give a friendly minion of each type +3/+3.

Four gold

Guzzle the Goop

  • At the end of your turn, give your Dragons +4 Attack. Lasts 3 turns.
    • Only offered in Dragon games. 

Scavenge for Parts

  • At the end of your turn, get a random Magnetic minion. Lasts 3 turns.
    • Only offered in Mech games.

Six gold

Plunder Seeker

  • Steal a random card from the Tavern. Repeat for each friendly Pirate.
    • Only offered in Pirate games. 

All the Tier 5 Tavern Spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Three gold

Armor Stash ensures your survival if your health is at the 11-15 range and there are still five or more players in the game. Unmasked Identity is extremely good for heroes whose Hero Powers degrade as the game advances — especially ones like Faelin, Omu, or Reno.

Armor Stash

  • Set your Armor to 5.

Corrupted Cupcakes

  • Choose a friendly Demon. It consumes all minions in the Tavern to gain their stats.
    • Only offered in Demon games. 

Unmasked Identity

  • Discover a new Hero Power.

Upper Hand

  • Start of Combat: Set a random enemy minion’s Health to 1.

Four gold

Cloning Conch

  • Get a copy of a non-Golden Murloc in your hand.
    • Only offered in Murloc games. 

Five gold

Think carefully before using Golden Touch. It’s a guaranteed triple, but the cost is high — really evaluate if it’s worth it or not for your current Warband.

Golden Touch

  • Make a random minion in the Tavern Golden.

Top of the Beanstalk

  • Discover a minion from Tavern Tier 6.

Six gold

Eyes of the Earth Mother

  • Choose a friendly minion from Tier 4 or below. Make it Golden.

All the Tier 6 Tavern Spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Two gold

Lost Staff of Hammul and Saloon’s Finest are almost always a good idea. Perfect Vision can both buff minions you intend to buff further or “protect” tech minions like Rivendare.

Lost Staff of Hamuul

  • Choose a minion. Refresh the Tavern with minions of its type.

Perfect Vision

  • Set a minion’s stats to 20/20.

Saloon’s Finest

  • Refresh the Tavern with Tavern spells.

Four gold

Azerite Empowerment

  • Give your minions +4/+4.

Channel the Devourer

  • Remove a minion. Give its stats to a random friendly minion.

Six gold

Sacred Gift will vary in power depending on your composition. If you can give it to a powerful minion that will attack multiple times, do it. If you need to protect the most important minion in your build, do it. But mind the high cost; it’s not always a must-buy.

Sacred Gift

  • Give a minion Divine Shield.

Spells are very powerful tools that can affect the game even more than minions. Hopefully we’ve helped you with more knowledge about them — and remember to refer back to this guide when in doubt!

Originally posted February 22, 2024. Updated April 16, 2024.

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