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WoW ClassicMar 4, 2024 2:00 pm CT

How to get bags in WoW Classic — including Classic Hardcore Solo Self-Found mode

Bag space is a precious commodity in WoW Classic, but bags aren’t as easy to come by as in retail WoW. If you’re lucky, you can get them randomly as loot, but most players will probably purchase bags or commission a Tailor. And for WoW Classic Hardcore’s Solo Self-Found mode, it can be even more difficult to find bags since you can’t buy them on the Auction House or trade with a tailor.

Here, we list every single bag according to where you can find them, which will hopefully save you time so you can focus on more important things — like farming those levels.

Every bag you can craft in WoW Classic

Crafted bags are probably the easiest to get ahold of, especially if you’re a Tailor or are friends with one. For everyone else, many Tailors will hawk their skills in cities and make bags in exchange for your materials. Save your cloth from leveling! Tailors are happy to take your cloth to make you a bag because they get profession skill points. You can also check the Auction House for Tailors’ offerings or random bag drops. Tailoring has the majority of craft-able bags, but Leatherworkers can make one small bag as well.

If you’re playing WoW Classic Hardcore Solo Self-Found, you’ll only be able to make these with the appropriate profession, so it may be worth leveling Tailoring until you can kit yourself out with silk bags, at least.

Here are the craftable bags in WoW Classic:

  • 6-slot bags
    • Linen Bag: 3 Bolt of Linen Cloth and 3 Coarse Thread
    • Red Linen Bag: 4 Bolt of Linen Cloth, 1 Fine Thread, 1 Red Dye
    • Kodo Hide Bag: (Leatherworking) 3 Thin Kodo Leather, 4 Light Leather, 1 Coarse Thread
  • 8-slot bags
  • 10-slot bag
  • 12-slot bags
  • 14-slot bag
    • Runecloth Bag: 5 Bolt of Runecloth, 2 Rugged Leather, 2 Rune Thread
  • 16-slot bag
  • 18-slot bag
    • Bottomless Bag: 8 Bolt of Runecloth, 12 Mooncloth, 2 Large Brilliant Shard, 2 Core Leather, 2 Rune Thread

All the cloth you get while leveling can be turned into bolts of cloth to make bags. If you’re collecting cloth to give to a Tailor, here are the conversion points from straight cloth into bolts.

Every bag earned from questing in WoW Classic

Select quests will also offer bags as a rewards, which will be a mainstay for Solo Self-Found players. Look for these quests out for a free bag:

Every bag you can purchase from a vendor in WoW Classic

You can also find a few select bags from vendors, but they can be pricey. However, the cost may be worth it if you’re desperate for more storage space:

Bags that drop from mobs in WoW Classic

If you’re low on money or don’t have the mats to get bags crafted, you can try your luck at farming mobs for random drops. Random drops will take time (and luck), but some named mobs consistently drop bags. Here’s where to look:

World drops from mobs or chests

Named drops

All the unique and special bags in WoW Classic

Since bag space is quite prized, some professions or classes feel burdensome with the amount of materials they need you to store. The solution to this is special bags that can only hold a certain type of item. These are much larger bags, but the trade off for having much more space is that your “general” space pool is more limited.


  • Herb Pouch: 12-slot bag sold by Herbalism Suppliers near Herbalism Trainers in cities for ~10 silver
  • Cenarion Herb Bag: 20-slot bag from Tailoring (5 Bolt of Runecloth, 10 Purple Lotus, 8 Morrowgrain, 2 Rune Thread)
  • Satchel of Cenarius: 24-slot bag from Tailoring (6 Bolt of Runecloth, 2 Mooncloth, 1 Black Lotus, 4 Ironweb Spider Silk)

Enchanting materials

  • Enchanted Mageweave Pouch: 16-slot bag from Tailoring (4 Bolt of Mageweave, 4 Vision Dust, 2 Heavy Silken Thread)
  • Enchanted Runecloth Bag: 20-slot bag from Tailoring (5 Bolt of Runecloth, 2 Greater Eternal Essence, 2 Rune Thread)
  • Big Bag of Enchantment: 24-slot bag from Tailoring (6 Bolt of Runecloth, 4 Large Brilliant Shard, 4 Enchanted Leather, 4 Ironweb Spider Silk)

Warlock Soul Shards

Warlocks have to farm up Soul Shards for many of their spells, leaving limited bag space. These bags can really come in handy in maximizing your Soul Shard storage.

  • Small Soul Pouch: 12-slot bag rewarded from The Binding Warlock quest
  • Box of Souls: 16-slot bag from The Binding Warlock quest
  • Soul Pouch: 20-slot bag from Tailoring (6 Felcloth, 4 Rugged Leather, 2 Ichor of Undeath, 1 Rune Thread)
  • Felcloth Bag: 24-slot bag from Tailoring (12 Felcloth, 6 Enchanted Leather, 2 Dark Rune, 4 Ironweb Spider Silk)
  • Core Felcloth Bag: 28-slot bag from Tailoring (20 Felcloth, 16 Core Leather, 8 Bloodvine, 4 Essence of Fire, 4 Ironweb Spider Silk)

Ammo and Quivers

Hunters have it rough. They alone have to hold ammunition for their weapons. However, these bags make up for it by adding a bonus to ranged attack speed when equipped (unfortunately they do not stack if you have multiple equipped). Those who use guns store their bullets in Ammo bags, while those with bows and crossbows store arrows in Quivers.

Ammo bags


Now go forth and get your bags!

Originally published September 5, 2019; updated March 4, 2024

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