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The QueueMar 5, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Sproing!

While I do love the coming of spring in terms of the warmth and the plants starting to grow and the birds singing, I’m less jazzed about allergy season coming.

This is The Queue, our daily column where you ask us the questions, and we’ll give you both tissues and answers. Achoo!


q4tq will anna work in an ee cummings reference in the next queue?

nobody, not even the rain, has so few questions


Dear Deathwing,
We may be “puny mortals,” but 13 years later who’s still alive, and who’s still dead, hmmmm?

Pfft, you say that like I haven’t personally murdered the absolute enchanting dust out of several notable lore characters only to have them come back and face me again, frequently numerous times. In WoW, dead is never truly dead.

Also, hello to the FBI agent reading this.


Q4tQ: Anyone want to take bets about whether 10.2.6 will come out before or after the big Stardew 1.6 patch? Stardew’s is confirmed for March 19th

March 19 is a Tuesday, so now that you mention it, UGH, I’m betting they’ll drop at the exact same minute. It sounds like I’ll be pining for Harvey while having to figure out what the heck is going on with all these dang pirates so I can write about it, and cursing the WoW team the whole time.


Q4tQ: So I’m now having dreams where I’m fixing up and caring for the car from Pacific Drive. Since the plot of the game states that people become obsessed with these remnant objects before going crazy and vanishing, how much time do you think I have left?

If you’re anything like me, it’ll probably happen soon, but just one more run, to be safe.


Y’all post about it so much, decided to pick up Duolingo again. Trying out Dutch.

I’m a year and a half or so into Duo, and while I enjoy it, there are certainly flaws, especially ones which have arisen over time. When I started, if you got something wrong and had a question about it, there was almost always a quick link to user-generated questions and answers on the points of grammar involved in the exercise. Now, they’ve removed that functionality entirely, and if you have a question you need to either google your question — and good luck with that — or I’ve found that the Duolingo subreddit tends to be very helpful on the more popular languages (though you definitely need to use filters to avoid stuff like achievement screenshots).

Ironically, the reason I started Duolingo is because I figured it was more enriching for me on nearly every level to do that, as opposed to scrolling Reddit for the same 15 minutes. It definitely still beats the fiction people slap together but I still cannot resist that is AITA, or the dozens of AITA-alike subreddits which pop up through all my algorithmic feeds like mushrooms after rain.


Late Q4tQ: Nozdormu vs. Godzilla.

Nozdormu, every time. Which is both a terrible pun, and the reason.

Time travel beats literally everything. Godzilla would have to surprise Noz with something that ends him instantly or he’s just gonna time travel out of it. Even something that seems quick but he can see coming, like if you pull your taser just a little bit too slow, boom, time travel. Noz wins. I understand why Fantasy and Sci-Fi writers keep using time travel — going back and hanging with any historical figure for an afternoon but being able to come back to the present and get modern antibiotics to deal with the inevitable tuberculosis would be phenomenal! And yet, without heavy worldbuilt restrictions, it’s basically godmode.

That’s the Queue for today! If you haven’t seen it yet, Blue Sky Gaming just announced their first game slated for release in Q3, Merchants of Rosewall. Their staff includes, among other industry pros we respect, former BlizzardWatch staffer Crow Tomkus, so we’d recommend you wishlist it regardless, but a fantasy-themed shop sim with a mystery hook sounds really compelling and I’m genuinely excited to get my filthy mitts on it.

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