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Discussion > WoW ClassicMar 11, 2024 8:00 am CT

What do you want to test in the Cataclysm Classic beta?

The closed beta for Cataclysm Classic has started, with much of the initial testing focusing on the updated old world zones so far. I’m not in the beta yet so I haven’t checked anything out, but if I do get in I already know what I’m going to be testing — because I want it fixed for retail.

That’s right, I’m going to test the heck out of the Worgen and Goblin starting zones. While they were messes back when Cataclysm originally released, they’ve become nigh unplayable in retail WoW. While Exile’s Reach provides an alternative experience for those looking to level a Worgen or Goblin, the original zones are worthwhile for the stories they tell (even if they both go on a little too long). Players that are fans of either race should be able to experience their origins and right now World of Warcraft doesn’t do it adequately.

Of course, I’m probably deluding myself that fixes in those starting zones not only can happen but will make it to retail, but as someone who doesn’t dabble in Classic all that often I want to see if I can improve all of WoW not just the classic bits.

Besides those starting zones I’m most interested in testing the Cataclysm dungeons as I’m curious how they’re tuned. For those who don’t remember, the original idea in Cataclysm was to make the dungeons significantly more difficult than what most players had experienced during the later Wrath months (someone pulling too many mobs in Pit of Saron being the main exception). It didn’t take long for the playerbase to become vocally frustrated with dungeons, and the development team dialed back the difficulty significantly. As the Classic expansions tend to be based on the statistics and balancing of the end of the expansion it’ll be interesting to see if it starts off already adjusted to easier levels or if the difficulty is more aligned with the original plan.

What about you? Are you trying to get into the Cataclysm Classic beta, or have you already gotten in? What do you want to test if you do get in? Do you think testing features that survive in retail WoW could lead to improvements there, or is it just too self-contained to hope for?

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