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The QueueMar 19, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Piracy!

So it’s not a return to Island Expeditions?

This is The Queue, our daily column where you ask us the questions and we’re just as in the dark as you are so here we go.


Good morning, is everyone ready to quit their dead end job, leave corporate life behind, and move out to the countryside to lead the life of a simple farmer?

Considering I spent an hour yesterday moving my hardening off seedlings back inside because of a freeze warning overnight, I’m not sure what the path of least resistance here even is. Probably in actual Stardew Valley, where all you have to do is plant a seed directly into un-amended dirt you whack once with a shovel and then you’ll definitely get produce out of it.


Q4tQ Do you think we’re going to get a Patch Cinematic Trailer for 10.2.6?

We did!

It does look like an epic time!


How do you really feel about this new event? Will you try or it or say meh, and let it go?
Also, Do you have a favorite real life pirate?

I’m honestly pretty meh on it. I do play games with a decent amount of PVP, but WoW was never really my favorite game to PVP in, even though I ended up getting the Justicar title solely from semi-casual play with friends. I’ll probably go in and check it out a little but I doubt I’ll continue into it far enough to grab all of the rewards.

My favorite pirate is Zheng Yi Sao. She got her start after her pirate captain husband was swept overboard, but she went toe-to-toe with global superpowers like The East India Company, among many others. She personally commanded 24 ships when she was finally arrested, but she was allowed to live out the rest of her life in relative peace and obscurity.


How has this spring’s Steam sale been for you?

Also, what are you playing these days?

So far I purchased 9 games for $30, though I’m eyeing a couple more, and I’ve been kinda poking at playing them a bit. The one I’ve been playing the most is Forager. It’s weird, because it gives a whole lot of good brain chemicals due to materials collection and crafting, but I’m honestly not sure I’m enjoying it, as such. It’s definitely not bad, but it feels very much like a chores simulator — but again, it gives good brain chemicals.

I’m still kinda obsessed with Pacific Drive. It’s early on, but it’s definitely my personal top contender for Game of the Year thus far. So, one of the games I grabbed because they’re frequently compared is Jalopy, and I can definitely see the similarities, but it’s not my favorite. It’s much older and one of the first of this sort of “drive around but also maintain your car” games so there has been a lot of space to iterate on their initial design, but there are things I’m finding very unfun and buggy about it.


Q4tQ: If you could build a large statue 10-20 feet tall of anything you wanted in your front yard, what would you build?

I planted a Japanese maple, “bloodgood” cultivar, so I think that counts. I’m not really a statuary kind of person, but trees? Heck yeah.

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