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WoW ClassicMar 25, 2024 7:54 pm CT

Operation Gnomeregan and Zalazane’s Fall are live in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic has brought back the simultaneously occurring world events Operation Gnomeregan and Zalazane’s Fall, both of which are now live! Like their original incarnations, these world events are the first part of the Cataclysm Classic pre-launch cycle. The outcomes mainly affect the gnomes and the trolls, narratively and in gameplay, but also help set the stage for the Alliance and Horde overall as both factions head into the next expansion. If you’re interested in helping one faction or both, here’s how to jump in!

How to start Operation Gnomeregan

Alliance players who want to participate in Operation Gnomeregan will need to report to High Tinker Mekkatorque in Tinker Town, Ironforge. He has set his sights on reclaiming Gnomeregan from Mekgineer Thermaplugg and the current leper gnome/trogg occupants, and he wants help from anyone who’s willing to pitch in — even you. All Alliance players will be able to participate in a quest line to help the Gnomes prepare by completing various tasks but only players level 75-80 will be able to participate in the assault event itself:

Delivering Mekkatorque’s rallying speech in Words for Delivery (part 1) will earn you the Gnomeregan Pride Toy, giving you the appearance of a Gnomish infantry soldier for a limited time. Players who fight in and complete Operation: Gnomeregan quest will also get the Gnomeregan Overcloak (probably an updated version of the Gnomeregan Drape). Despite the name of the event, it only takes the player into the surface-level of Gnomeregan and leaves the rest of the dungeon alone, preserving it as a separate instance while the reclaimed area becomes New Tinkertown and the starting zone for new gnome characters.

How to start Zalazane’s Fall

Horde players answering the call of the Darkspear tribe will need to go to Sen’jin Village in Durotar to find Vol’jin and the other Darkspear trolls preparing to take back the Echo Isles from Zalazane and his zombified minions. Like Operation Gnomeregan, Horde players will be able to complete most of the Zalazane’s Fall questline and help the trolls with their preparations, but players need to be level 75-80 to fight in the final battle event:

Horde players will also get the Darkspear Pride toy after helping Doctor Hez’tok, giving them the appearance of a Darkspear Warrior. Players who also complete the Zalazane’s Fall battle event will earn the Sen’jin Overcloak (likely a variant of the Darkspear Shroud). Once you take back the entirety of the Echo Isles, it becomes the starting zone for new troll characters.

These world events lasted about 5 weeks the first time around and probably will be available for a similar period of time before the next Cataclysm Classic pre-launch event hits this summer, so be sure to help the Gnomes and Trolls while you can!

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