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The QueueMar 25, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Avast ye scurvy dogs!

That’s not me in the picture… yet! I’ll get there for sure, any day now…

In other news I’m digging my time in the Plunderstorm and am glad that Blizzard took the chance on this fun new thing. I never in a million years would’ve guessed that it was what was going to be in the 10.2.6 patch, but here we are!

While I wait for my parrot to divebomb me back into the world, it’s time for — The Queue!


If there’s something strange
In your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?

Well if it was something strange in my car I’d probably call my Dad first…

If it’s something strange in my neighborhood, I’d probably call my roommate first to see if he’s seen it, or heard anything about it. It might depend on how strange we’re talking, like if it’s just a dog wearing a hat and skateboarding in the park — I think that’s probably as far as I’d need to go. Maybe I’d call the local news and they could come do a puff piece on the coolest dog ever.

However, if a pit to a nether realm full of monsters and magic opened up, I’d probably call everyone I knew and we’d go become adventurers. Or more likely we’d become a cautionary tale in how easy it is to get yourself killed by monsters.

Oh wait, Ghostbusters! That’s what you were looking for! Yeah, I’m calling the Ghostbusters! 


Q4tQ: what do you think Pandamonium will be?

Well based on nothing other than the name, and how it’s going to follow Plunderstorm up in some way. I’m going to make a silly guess and say that we’re going to meet a whole new island-turtle batch of Pandaren who are somehow all Bards and storytellers. Their turtle will make landfall off the coast of the Waking Shores and we’ll go and help them put on plays about the events of Warcraft. Like the Ardenweald storytelling mechanic, only with more Pandaren.

More likely this will probably be part of the Season 4 mechanic where they just put the Storms and Dreams and all the world events up with much more frequency. Everything everywhere will be happening all at once! Thus it’ll be easier to finish your Awake the Drakes Isles Awoken achievement. Maybe they’ll also increase the rewards for the events so it’s easier to get all of your characters to an easy ilevel for going into The War Within.

But definitely keep an eye out for extra Pandaren. We know how wacky those developers can be.


Dear Merithra,
Remember that time we became BFF’s when I helped you save the Emerald Dream and ascend to Aspect status?
Well, I was wondering, since your realm is stocked full of wonderous wavewhisker flying carp, if you’d be a doll and scrape some of their magical scales into one of Shafina’s potions that I could give to my tidestallions so they can fly outside of Nazjatar.
Thanks so much! Okay-love-you-bye-bye!

I have nothing to add to this other than I like the way it sounds and I do wish that my aquatic-only mounts could fly. Although with Dynamic flight coming in The War Within that might make for a tougher animation challenge.

Of course, I’d also like this applied to all of our mounts and not just the Aquatic ones. We have so very many ground mounts, and the only time I see the fanciest of those ground mounts is when I’m in an instance and hit my random mount button. I was running out of an Atal’dazar Keystone the other day when I realized that was the first time I had actually gotten on my newest Keystone Master mount.

For how many ground mounts we have there should be something that makes them come up more often in use.


Pet peeve of the day: When Shelob stabs Frodo, she put a lot of force into the stab. So honestly, she impaled him. He should have died right there, broken spine and other injuries apart from the venom. I don’t know why this bugs me, but it does.
My suspension of disbelief tolerance level have diminished in recent years, maybe that’s why. This also irritate me. I want to believe but part of me just get annoyed with details like that. Told you it was a pet peeve.
So QftQ: What’s your pet peeve in movies, games or books?

I’d say it’s when most of the conflict of a movie/tv show/book stems from characters not just having an honest conversation with each other. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the very human urge to try and fix things yourself and play with your cards close to your chest, I just think that the end of the world might supersede that urge.

This is mainly why I stopped watching all of the CW superhero Arrowverse shows. Even though I heard that the new Superman and Lois show was pretty good, I just couldn’t take another season of problems that would’ve been solved with a single good talk on a porch with a beer.

I try to keep my disbelief fully suspended when I’m watching stuff. It’s easier to enjoy things when you just go with it in the moment. Sure there are some questions that may come up afterwards, but that’s what a nice drink and a burger are for! You can go and have a good talk about how you would’ve done things differently at your local watering hole and then you get even more mileage out of the movie.


Q4tQ: Has BlizzardWatch ever considered doing a panel at PAX? Could be interesting to hear a live version of Lore Watch, maybe with some Q&A thrown in there.

I don’t know if PAX is the right audience for us. I’m not doubting Joe and Matt in the slightest, but I’m not sure if our audience stretches that far. If we could get Matt down for one, it’s possible though. I know at least Jerry from Penny Arcade would appreciate the in-depth Lore on offer from those two, even if he wasn’t as up on Blizzard stuff recently.

I know that at the 2019 BlizzCon there were some in-person Podcast records as part of Con Before the Storm, and in 2023 there was a live recording of the Taliesin and Evitel Weekly Reset after the convention was over. So it’s definitely doable! We’d just need to get Matt and Joe down and over there for the recording of it…

Which is purely a question of money and logistics more than any interest on their part I assume. I know that they’d both love to sit at the front of a room and talk for hours about every possible rabbit hole that the latest patch has brought up — especially if there was audience Q and A.

(If they both wouldn’t love that I retract my statement, and you’re all on your own for Lore rabbit hole searching)

Today’s Bacardi has just been put into his spot on the couch. I know most cats will usually flee from anywhere that they haven’t chosen to go to, despite how often they like to sit there, but for once he’s decided that this is actually the place he will sit for a moment. What this means for your Great Vaults… who knows — but at least he’s not fleeing!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Keelhauled

I never thought I was gonna have an excuse to use Alestorm as an Earworm™ but here we are — Thank you Plunderstorm!

Have a booty-full week everyone! Help make sure Anna’s Tuesday is as full of booty as possible by leaving her lots of questions for tomorrow! Or treasure, y’know if you can swing that too I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

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