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DiscussionApr 4, 2024 8:07 am CT

Which raid fights are you most looking forward to in Dragonflight season 4?

Dragonflight Season 4 is almost here and with it, raiders will be returning to the newly Awakened raids. The raid bosses have been working out in their downtime since we last visited them and have gotten bigger health pools, stronger attacks, and shinier loot. This means we’ll get to settle some old scores and see some of our favorite encounters from Dragonflight as we hunt for Antique Bronze Bullion and the best loot. Not all raid fights are created equal though. Some are mere blips on the radar and you’ll clear through them quickly without much stress — while others are going to be high points of the season. Which fight is which though?

From Vault of the Incarnates, I’m really looking forward to dealing with Kurogg Grimtotem again. He was probably the fight in there that felt the most fair in its difficulty. That’s rare sometimes, either you’ll throw more healers at the problem, or put all of the mechanics on your star player so that you know they’ll get handled properly — not so with Kurogg! It was a good test of how well we can all execute the elementally changing mechanics and there wasn’t any one mistake that was likely to result in a full raid wipe.

In Aberrus I like the Scalecommander Sarkareth fight in much the same way. My raid made steady progress on it and it always felt like a doable end boss. Unlike how progressing on Raszageth felt in Vault, Sarkareth always felt like he would be defeated through our hard work and skill and victory was inevitable — Raszageth was a bit more of a shock when she finally fell over. Seeing that smooth progression can help elevate a final boss’s quality from good to great.

For Amirdrassil there’s nothing that I’m missing that hard because we’ve still been clearing it! There are more axes to collect for raiders after all. Tindral was probably the most satisfying first kill, but that was because we didn’t have the greatest handle on the mechanics. Now that we know the tricks and how everything shakes out on that final platform I bet he’ll go a lot faster. Even if they throw some wacky affixes at us like the Fated raids did in Shadowlands.

All I know is that I can’t wait to get my hands on the upgraded loot, there are so many fun combos of trinkets that I can’t wait to tank with!

How about you? Are you dreading your return to Raszageth or Fyrakk? Eager to take on Eranogg and his firey minions or spend time with Neltharion, even if he’s just an Echo of his former self? How about finally getting your Evoker Legendary and letting out a triumphant roar annoying everyone with the message when you make it?

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