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WoWApr 11, 2024 5:00 pm CT

How to take A Legendary Album of photographs on your quest for Taivan, the best boy

On the long journey to acquire your very own goodest boy Taivan as a mount, the Dragonscale Expedition — as part of the achievement Wake Me Up, which is in turn part of Across the Isles — will task you with taking A Legendary Album of photographs for the expedition catalogers. Essentially, for each of the cataloging World Quests in the original four Dragon Isles zones, while you’re tasked with taking photographs (usually while riding on a raft) you will have a chance of seeing one of seven old friends from WoW‘s history. However, there’s a few requirements before you can even begin taking these photos, after which you can start hoping that the World Quests you need have spawned in the most recent round of quests.

The first prerequisites are very easy — you need to earn Renown 8 with the Dragonscale Expedition and complete the quest chain starting from A Cataloger’s Paradise in order to learn how to start taking photos. You’ll also need to use the Expedition Supply Kit in Dragonscale Basecamp to learn Lucky Rock, which will let you start seeing wildlife. After that, just keep your eyes peeled for the specific World Quests you need, then look for the NPC you need and take a photo of them. If they don’t spawn, do not finish the world quest! Just keep re-running it until the NPC you need spawns, then take their photo — otherwise you’ve wasted your chance for this cycle of World Quests.

  • Chen Stormstout: Cataloging the Waking Shores, just southeast of the Obsidian Bulwark. Chen is fishing on the right side of the river, just across from a proto-drake that you’ll probably spot first because it’s breathing fire.
  • Abu’Gar: Cataloging the Waking Shores, right next to the Life Vault Ruins flight point. Abu’gar is on the left hand side of the river, also fishing. If you see the Disoriented Watcher on the left side up on a cliff, Abu’Gar is just after her down by the waterside.
  • Elder Clearwater: Cataloging the Ohn’Ahran Plains, very close to Forkriver Crossing. Elder Clearwater is very close to the beginning of the World Quest, fishing on an island in the middle of the river.
  • Nat Pagle: Cataloging the Ohn’Ahran Plains, almost in the very center of the plains. Nat Pagle is (where else?) fishing from atop a bridge, fairly far into the raft trip.
  • Chief Telemancer Oculeth: Cataloging the Azure Span, near the east entrance of the Azure Archives. This ride is weird: your raft is going to do a turn at the very beginning around a small lake, then Oculeth is on your left before you get to the first waterfall drop.
  • Wrathion: Cataloging Thaldraszus, northeast of Valdrakken and just west of the entrance to Algeth’ar Academy. This is one of the hot air balloon cataloging quests, and Wrathion is doing a flyby in dragon form on your right almost as soon as the quest starts.
  • Time-Warped Mysterious Fisher: Cataloging Thaldraszus, south of Valdrakken. This NPC — who you’ll see fishing before they say “Ah, this is when I am…enjoy the ride!” — is on the left after rounding a bend, not long after the first waterfall.

While this quest will require a little patience waiting on the correct World Quests to spawn, the actual achievement progress itself couldn’t be easier — find the NPCs, snap a picture, and you’re one step closer towards your very own fluffy boy good dog mount.

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