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HearthstoneApr 16, 2024 3:00 pm CT

The top 10 spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Tavern Spells are here to stay: moving forward, they’re going to be a part of Hearthstone Battlegrounds just as much as minions, so it’s important to really know them — and which ones to buy. There are a lot of spells, divided across multiple tiers, and with varying gold costs, so this guide is intended to list the top 10 spells in the game mode, in our opinion.

So read on to find out the spells you need to keep an eye on, as well as why (and when) you should invest your gold into them!

Careful Investment

Tavern Tier 2, costs one gold

Gain 2 Gold next turn.

This spell essentially doubles up a gold for you, so if you ever see it and have a gold to spare — especially at the end of a turn — it’s a good idea to buy this one. What would you use that gold for, another refresh? It’s better to turn it into two gold on the next turn, which could mean buying a better spell, or selling a minion to buy a better one, or even upgrading your Tavern a bit earlier.

Strike Oil

Tavern Tier 2, costs three gold

Increase your maximum Gold by 1.

No spell will give you a bigger boost to your economy than this one. Whenever you see this spell, ask yourself: is my board strong enough for the current turn? Can I spare the tempo loss of not buying a minion this turn? Will I (probably) win the next combat anyway? If the answer to those questions is ‘yes,’ don’t think twice: purchase this, since it’s a big help for the rest of the game.

Natural Blessing

Tavern Tier 3, costs three gold

Choose a minion. Give all minions that share a type with it +2/+2.

This is a star spell on the early to mid stages of the game, especially — as soon as you settle on a minion type. Assuming your warband is filled with many minions of the same type, this spell will give you lots of stats for just three gold. And it also works on minions that are on the shop, so you can increase their stats before buying them. It’s just a great value spell.

Planar Telescope

Tavern Tier 3, costs four gold

Discover a minion of your most common type.

Although this one costs four gold, it guarantees the type of minion is one that will be useful for you. Think of its extra cost as being the combination of re-rolling your tavern (1) and then finding and buying a minion of your most common type (3). It may seem expensive, but it’s very much worth it: finding minions that fit into your warband is probably the most important thing you can do in a game of Battlegrounds, after all, and this spell enables you to do just that.

Unmasked Identity

Tavern Tier 5, costs three gold

Discover a new Hero Power.

This spell is incredibly useful for multiple reasons. Heroes like Reno Jackson and A. F. Kay can only use their hero power a limited number of times, or use it automatically at a certain turn — and then it becomes useless. Others, like Patchwerk, already start the game with a depleted hero power! It should be obvious that getting a new hero power is super useful for heroes such as those, but even if you’re still making use of your hero power, there’s always the possibility that you could find a better one.

Armor Stash

Tavern Tier 5, costs three gold

Set your Armor to 5.

This is currently the only way to “heal” your hero in the game (assuming you’ve already lost your armor). The five extra health you get from using this will oftentimes save you from taking lethal damage — this is especially true in the middle stages of the game, when the damage cap of 15 is still being respected, and this extra armor puts you above it. But even later in the game, it can still be worth it to get that extra protection if you can afford it.

Golden Touch

Tavern Tier 5, costs five gold

Make a random minion in the Tavern Golden.

Although we’re listing this spell among our top 10, this one is more of a gamble than the others on this list. It’s very expensive, so you really need to consider carefully if you need a golden minion at that moment — and even if you do decide to go for it, there’s always the chance that you discover a triple that’s not going to be useful for you. When it does work, however, it can give you a very high power boost. So if you have five gold to spare for whatever reason — maybe you’re already sitting on an advantage — it might be worth it to go for it.

Saloon’s Finest

Tavern Tier 6, costs two gold

Refresh the Tavern with Tavern spells.

This spell usually gives you lots of value since, in general, spells are worth more for the gold than minions. Just look at this list! Spells give you powerful effects and let you find specific minions, rather than having to count on the random ones that the tavern usually offers. The advantages of casting this spell may not seem obvious at first, but we assure you: once you get into a game and cast it, you’ll see that, more often than not, you’ll find something very useful. And you can even freeze the tavern and buy more of those spells next turn!

Lost Staff of Hamuul

Tavern Tier 6, costs two gold

Choose a minion. Refresh the Tavern with minions of its type.

This is basically Planar Telescope on steroids, in a sense. You don’t get to Discover, which is a drawback, but since you’re already on Tavern Tier 6, the number of minions that’ll be offered to you offsets that most of the time. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll be able to find something good after you cast this, and it only costs two gold. This one is probably the safest buy on this whole list.

Sacred Gift

Tavern Tier 6, costs six gold

Give a minion Divine Shield.

Like Golden Touch, this one is a bit of a gamble because of its high cost. The effect of giving Divine Shield to any minion is extremely powerful, of course — certain compositions like Demons and Murlocs, in particular, can really benefit from it. So you’ll need to carefully evaluate whether you have a big, powerful minion that could really use the permanent Divine Shield, since it’ll set you back six gold. It’s usually worth it; just not mindlessly so.

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand why these are some of the best spells in the game. Keep them in mind the next time you play, and may the odds be in your favor!

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