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WoWMay 7, 2024 11:30 am CT

How to get (and spend) Antique Bronze Bullion in Dragonflight Season 4

Puzzling Cartel Dinars are so last expansion. Adventurers in Dragonflight Season 4 will want to get their hands on some Antique Bronze Bullion, the new currency for purchasing high-end gear — and not just raid gear, like in Shadowlands, but also cosmetic gear, legendary upgrade items, and even an old familiar mount that is currently unobtainable. Getting your hands on this new currency doesn’t even require a raid all the time — some weeks it’ll be obtainable from a weekly quest, as well. Like this week, when you can pick up two Bullion from the week’s Emissary of War quest.

Here’s what you need to know how to get (and how to spend) Antique Bronze Bullion, the must-have currency in Season 4.

How to obtain Antique Bronze Bullion

The primary way to obtain the Antique Bronze Bullion is raiding: defeating bosses in the week’s current Awakened raid will yield one Antique Bronze Bullion per week per character, with a chance to get them in LFR as well as Normal, Heroic, and Mythic raids. It’s a random drop that you actually need to loot the bosses for, so if you don’t see it immediately, keep looting those bodies. (And if you do accidentally forget to loot it, the Postmaster will mail it to you — no worries.)

Some quests that also previously awarded a random box of loot, such as the Emissary of War weekly quest that previously awarded a box of random loot from the current raid, now award two Bullion — so you can go choose what item you want, instead of getting your umpteenth unwanted cape or something like that. While not every weekly rewards bullion, some of them will, so check those quests!

Where to spend Antique Bronze Bullion

The vendors — four bronze dragons — are in a rarely-used location in Valdrakken: the Parting Glass (the entrance of which is circled on the map above). If you’ve done the Chromie and Soridormi daily Lost Time-Lost Vikings, you might have wandered in here in order to get Olaf to stop dancing on the tables and annoying everyone; outside of that, this spot, like a lot of the Bronze Enclave, has mostly been attractive scenery in this sprawling city. However, in Season 4, Iszy, Iszinormi, Iszinormi, and Mirioszin are waiting to sell you some extremely fun goods for your new currency.

Do not adjust your monitors: two of those vendors have the same name. These are the bronze dragons we’re talking about; it wouldn’t surprise me if this is the same dragon four times over.

What you can buy with Antique Bronze Bullion

Transmog, obviously, but what else?

Jokes aside, for two Antique Bronze Bullion you can pick up seemingly any piece of loot from the three Dragonflight raids — Iszy the whelp sells Vault of the Incarnates loot, Iszinormi the blood elf offers Aberrus gear, and Iszinormi the dragon has Amirdrassil loot. Notably, these items come at the Awakened loot tier, so you’ll probably want to focus on getting things that are definitively best for you — weapons with important effects, really good trinkets, and so on. The Iszinormis also sell the Fyr’alath and Nasz’uro versions of Scale of Awakening, the item needed to update your legendary from its old item level to the Awakened loot tier, enabling it to be updated further and be on par with other raid gear.

If, however, you really are looking for cosmetic gear — and with a hypothetical max of 12 Bullion per character, you might be — Mirioszin, the Infinite Importer, offers a wide array of cosmetic gear for one Bullion per look. All of the colors for all of the raid weapons are available separately  — for example, the Dream Raider’s Shadowflame Flare is a cosmetic item with the appearance of the Mythic version of Vakash, the Shadowed Inferno. But if you prefer the normal version? That’s there too!

Outside of that, there’s also one very important item for mount collectors who missed out on Shadowlands Season 4’s Fated Raids: your wiggly jiggly feline slime friend, Jigglesworth Sr., is available from Mirioszin for three Antique Bronze Bullion, allowing people who weren’t playing at that time to still put in the effort to get their hands on this extremely unique mount!

Originally posted on April 24, 2024. Last updated on May 7, 2024.

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