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The QueueMay 7, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Lunchtime

Sometimes, playing games makes me hungry. Today, writing The Queue is making me hungry. It’s fine.

This is The Queue, our daily column where you ask us questions and we’ll answer just as soon as we grab a little snack.


Q4Anna: From a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most) how much do you appreciate Cory’s discussion of pizza and calzones?

Eh, 6/10. He neglected to mention the best version of all: stromboli. It’s rolled, so it’s shaped like a sub or hoagie or hero (depending on your regional cuisine touchstone). So, you can pick it up and eat it, and it’s still contained, and also the perfect shape and size for dipping into a small cup of marinara. It also doesn’t have all that useless ricotta in the center, just pure mozz and toppings. You can also do stuff like take it out of the oven and brush the top with garlic butter.


A Honda Accord traveling at 80mph is on a collision course with your main. You have just enough time to pop a defensive, will your main be ok? To make things fair, the light is ignoring calls from Paladins and Priests and there is no path available over the car.

That’s a tough one. I always have Rutherford to jump in front, which would mean I would likely be fine, but he’d need a res. Alternately, I could disengage, in which case there are 2 general outcomes. I would be either be completely fine, or I would’ve lept into the other lane of traffic, or in certain cases off the side of a cliff, as in i-77 near the aptly named Fancy Gap, North Carolina.

Sounds like Rutherford’s taking one for the team. He’s just such a good boy.


Q4tQ should I continue with my plan to play Unicorn Overlord after I finish Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, or should I get Hades 2?

That depends on which one you think you’d get spoiled on faster, honestly. As such, I’d lean toward Hades 2, just because that seems to have a much longer reach and it is THEE current hotness. Even though Red and Arthonos are all abuzz about Unicorn Overlord, they have tended to be very good and kind with spoilering their discussion, whereas the wider world generally doesn’t have that awareness.

I’d also lean toward Hades because I find that gameplay more my style than UO, but that’s obviously very subjective. The flip side of that coin is that Hades 2 is early access, which means that the story will definitely be there, but you’ll likely encounter some run-disrupting bugginess at times.


Q4tQ: For those that are unsubbed, are you coming back for 10.2.7, waiting a week until Mists Remixed is active, or not returning at all?

I’m more likely to come back for ReMists than WoW but I’m honestly just not feeling either too much right now.

It’s weird. I keep kind of intending to come back to WoW for one reason or another, but then I just kinda don’t. I have so much going on right now, from stuff going on to report here, to real life events both current and upcoming, that I just don’t have the time to play more than one game, or one round, or just empty out my auction alt mailbox, honestly. Having a little bite-sized bit of actual gaming to unwind is so much better for me in every way than the MMO life right now. I have been devoting some amount of time to poking around the alpha, because content, but it’s less a fun pastime and more a literal job.

I also don’t have any friends left that I play WoW with. I don’t have that little passive social nag, telling me I need to log in with some amount of frequency or my buddies will be sad because of mutually held goals. I’ve been finding that to be the stickiest motivator for me, even in places where it’s very silly, like Duolingo. I have all y’all, of course, but that doesn’t provide the same peer pressure to engage.

Maybe when the kids are in college or something. We’ll see.


Q4tQ Are you taking Kendrick Lamar’s or Drake’s side?

Kendrick Lamar, no question or hesitation.

Drake has always been incredibly sketchy in his proximity to younger engenues — particularly Millie Bobby Brown, who he’s mentioned twice in his songs. For me, anything and everything else about this particular beef is just extra icing on the cake. I could point to Kendrick’s current songs writing circles around Drake’s, while he also remains the only rapper to win a Pulitzer, for instance. Or the fact that Drake using the AI generated voices of legends like Tupac and Snoop — apparently without permission, because Tupac’s estate sued him until the song was essentially un-released — to sing his own praises not only seems insecure, but the use of AI, period, puts him on shaky ground in terms of his integrity as an artist.

I’m honestly not familiar with how or why this feud seems to have suddenly erupted but I hope Kendrick eats his lunch.

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