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Discussion > WoW > WoW RemixMay 17, 2024 8:00 am CT

Which bosses are you looking forward to seeing again in WoW Remix?

With the World of Warcraft Remix, it’s time for us to head back to Pandaria once more! With the help of some suspiciously helpful Infinite Dragons engaging in their own curious form of temporal capitalism, we’ll get to once more experience some classic scenarios, dungeons, and raids, now on a daily lockout, as soon as we set foot on the isle. And what do all of those things have in common? No, I don’t mean loot. The part before that. I mean bosses!

With five different raids and nine dungeons, both new and remastered, to choose from, Pandaria offered a wide variety of boss encounters to experience. For me, the fight I’m most looking forward to seeing again at-level has to be Lei Shen. The whole of the Throne of Thunder just oozed atmosphere, and the Lei Shen fight itself was the cherry on top. Combine that with some novel-for-the-time abilities, a challenge rating that was tough without feeling unfair, and some really great guild memories, and I can’t wait to do it again with my current guild.

Other highlights include Tsulong, a fun fight with plenty to do for both damage dealers and healers in the beautiful Terrace of Endless Spring. Even as a damage dealer, I’ve always had a soft spot for encounters that center healers and give them something to do besides keeping our ungrateful butts alive. I’m looking forward to seeing this fight again as I brush more than a decade’s worth of dust off my healer’s mantle. And then there’s Siegecrafter Blackfuse deep in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Lasers and missiles and mines, oh my! There’s just something about goblin technology that I just find hilarious, even as it’s trying to render me into my component atoms. Honorable mention and a special shout-out goes to the peppers guy from the Yan-Zhu the Uncasked fight in Stormstout Brewery. The Pandaren may not have been a boss himself, but he made up for that, and his lack of brew-making skill, with sheer enthusiasm and an external monologue. Peppers!

Those are my choices, anyway. What about you? Which bosses are you most looking forward to experiencing again at-level?

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