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How to access your dragonriding talents in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

A dragonriding talent pane is open beside a collections of dragons and an NPC named Lithragosa.

By now you’ve probably checked out the new World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria game mode, where you build a timerunner and replay this fan favorite expansion with a few twists. You’ve probably already discovered that you can fly in Remix just as soon as you finish up the starting experience on the Timeless Isle. (A little less obvious is that repairs and gear transmogs are free in Remix, so don’t be afraid to show off your collection!) Since there are no other prerequisites for flying so long as you have a dragonriding mount unlocked on your account, you may have walked right past the tutorial quests without realizing that you haven’t set your dragonriding talents yet.

If you don’t have a dragonriding mount already, fear not; you’ll be given a choice of one of the basic Dragonflight mounts to use throughout the Remix experience. Static flying also seems to be available for players who possess an older flying mount.

But if you skipped the tutorial, it isn’t clear how to access your Dragonriding talents. Here’s what you need to know to customize those talents in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria.

How to find Lithragosa

If you’ve played through World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, you’ve already met Lithragosa, the NPC who lets you adjust your talents and turn on Ride Along in Valdrakken and other spots around the Dragon Isles. Luckily, she skipped over to the Jade Forest for your convenience.

To find her, complete (or select the skip option for) the Timeless Isle portion of the Remix experience. You’ll be transported to the starting area for your character at the northern or southern end of the Jade Forest, depending on your faction. As you complete quests you eventually reach either Honeydew Village (for Horde) or Paw’don Village (for Alliance), but if you’re eager to get it over with you don’t need to wait until you’ve finished them. Simply head down to the following coordinates and speak to Moratari:

/way #371 28.58, 14.03 Horde Portal to Windward Isle

/way #371 45.81, 84.72 Alliance Portal to Windward Isle

Whether you choose to complete the tutorial quest or skip it, she’ll open the portal for you to step through. Do so and you will find yourself at the Windward Isle, where you can find Lithragosa waiting for you.

Choose her option which says “Tell me about the advanced skills. [Open Dragonriding Skill Track.]” While you’re here, you can also select “I heard something about helping my fellow adventurers?” to enable Ride Along to let group members transform into a whelpling and hitch a ride with you. You can also find a Rostrum of Transformation here which will let you customize your mount, and Lord Andestrasz will let you restart the dragonriding tutorial again if you do need a refresher.

If you don’t feel like flying back to your faction’s portal, you can also go there directly:

/way #371 65.00, 37.45 Windward Isle

…Or set your talents with a console command

If you’re comfortable with scripts and macros and want to be able to swap between options like Dragonrider’s Initiative and Dragonrider’s Compassion at will, you could alternately use the following:

/run DragonridingPanelSkillsButtonMixin:OnClick()

This will open the Dragonriding Skill Track from anywhere.

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