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WoW > WoW RemixMay 20, 2024 4:00 pm CT

Kill LFR and Normal raid bosses for permanent XP boosts in WoW Remix

World of Warcraft‘s latest mode, Remix: Mists of Pandariatakes players back to the Pandaren continent to re-experience the expansion with some new twists.  One of those twists is your Cloak of Infinite Potential, an heirloom-type item that scales in power with your characters as they level up, can be further upgraded with a permanent 7% XP boosts for completing LFR raid wings while killing Normal raid bosses rewards you with a 12% boost.

If you’re leveling a Timerunner, here’s how to get them for your Cloak!

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How to get the different XP boosts for your Cloak of Infinite Potential

The permanent XP boosts come from specific types of threads you can earn and use to upgrade your Cloak of Infinite Potential. Players in LFR groups will earn a Perpetual Thread of Experience, giving your Cloak the permanent 7% XP boost, for each raid wing they complete. Normal mode raiders can earn the Infinite Thread of Experience item, which upgrades your Cloak with the 12% XP boost, drops as a reward from each Normal Mists of Pandaria raid boss defeated.

While it is more lucrative to aim for the Normal completions, the LFR reward is still a nice alternative reward for players trying to complete raid encounters. Right now, it doesn’t seem like there’s a difference between 10 player or 25 player normal raids dropping these items, giving you some more flexibility when trying to find a group.

There are 5 raids with different minimum level requirements where you can earn these threads:

Even though the item level on the thread “requires level 10 to 70,” some players have reported not receiving threads after level 65. We’re still in the early days of WoW Remix and even though Blizzard hasn’t officially commented on this yet, it’s something to keep in mind and hopefully we’ll get more clarity on in the future. It’s still worth running these raids because WoW Remix they are on a daily lockout and are a reliable source of Bronze, bonus XP, gear, and other Rare and Epic threads.

WoW Remix just started and will be around until August 19 so there’s still plenty of time for you to create your own Timerunner character and jump into a revamped version of Mists of Pandaria!

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