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The QueueMay 21, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Everything is on fire!

I do appreciate how, as my personal life gets incredibly busy to the point where everything feels like chaos, it also gets incredibly warm out. Is everything on fire? Are we in hell? Such ambiance. The vibes.

This is The Queue, our daily column where you ask us questions and I’m honestly shocked you expect me to have answers.


When does Cata Classic go live anyway?

Cata Classic launched yesterday, May 20! Phase 1 will officially begin next week, May 28, with the raids beginning to open a couple days later.


Is there a point to the farm in Remix?

Nope! There aren’t really any profession in ReMists, so there’s no point at all to the farm. From what I understand it’s completely inaccessible and taken over by Infinites, which I’d think would be alright, were it not for everyone’s favorite Mists NPC, Dog.


Q4tQ Are you playing ReMists? What are your thoughts so far?

I’m not playing ReMists simply because my IRL is kind of on fire right now. It’s a good kind of on fire (??????) but I am incredibly, intensely busy, to the extent that, if I get the chance to sit down forto play a video game, it’s bordering on the miraculous. Today I have to go vote, I have the plumber coming to replace a toilet (don’t ask), I have to run errands, including dropping off a form that could’ve been an email, the kids both have swimming after school in different facilities on opposite sides of town — actually, scratch that, I just got a call from the school nurse to pick up my son, oh no — and oh right, I have to write the Queue and stuff.

And then in June, I literally have something on my shared calendar for every single day of the month. All of them. I’m tired just looking at it.

I’m not sure I’m ever going to get around to ReMists, and I’m honestly kind of bummed about it, because that was my favorite expansion. I jsut feel like I can’t really get too much done in WoW even in the more casual-friendly ReMists environment. I’ve generally been using what little gaming time I have to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds instead. I don’t really care about my ranking, so if I end up having to go AFK it’s fine. I said it’s fine.


How can I learn to better appreciate the manual labor I have to do around the house? I don’t like having to build things or maintain things, I’m not good at it, and it just makes me feel anxious. But I need to do it so my wife doesn’t get mad at me. All I ever feel from doing it is a sense of relief when it’s over, never a sense of accomplishment or pride.

Personally, whenever I finish a more technical project, I always feel like a rock star. I tend to like doing stuff like painting more, but doing things like repairing the railings and front stairs to the house, I always get that sense of a job, if not done well, at least done. Getting to that point, to me, is always a relief. So far I’ve replaced drywall, put in trim, built a few tables, refinished a whole lot of old crappy wood, replaced shower heads, and I’ve taken apart, cleaned, and reassembled several appliances, including our furnace and washer.

Having specific people whose maintenance tutorials are done in a way which is reassuring helps a lot. Mercury Stardust is a favorite of mine, because like they say, you’re worth the time it takes to learn a new skill. I keep a binder for those less frequent but still routine tasks, like changing the furnace filter, so they don’t creep up on me — maintenance is always less tough and costly than repair. And I definitely commiserate with the very routine frequent tasks like pulling weeds and mowing which just kinda feel futile and crappy. I’ve been using the Habitica app on and off to gamify those tasks, and it works to a certain extent. I think that if I had friends who used it to enforce the social element a la Duolingo it would be more successful, and yet do I really want people to know I give myself XP for stuff like ‘brush teeth’ or ‘eat breakfast’? Eh.

Also, as I’ve done more projects I’ve learned which are okay for me to try to do on my own, and which I need to just call a professional to do. I’ll replace a lot of plumbing fixtures, like I changed out my faucets for instance, but I won’t mess with something that’s inside the floors or walls, where I won’t really find out I’ve messed it up until it’s a big, expensive problem. I also won’t do anything with electrical beyond just replacing fixtures or GFCI outlets. I refuse to mess with the garage door or climb on the roof, full stop, but that’s more because what I don’t know or do incorrectly there could literally kill me.

So, with that cheery thought, that’s The Queue for today. I’m going to go lie down on the floor before hauling my carcass out and about.

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