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WoW > WoW RemixMay 24, 2024 5:00 pm CT

The war on frogs (and farmers) continues as Blizzard nerfs frog farmers in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria has found itself in the throes of controversy over the early advantage gained by some players who found ways to collect an immense number of Threads to power up their cloaks. One particular farming spot — which old-timers will be familiar with — was the Gulp Frogs on the Timeless Isle. While some value was gained by the small amounts of Threads the frogs dropped, the overwhelming power increase came from the Lesser Charms of Good Fortune they dropped. Players can turn in 10 charms at a time to every faction in Remix for some reputation, a Cache of Infinite Treasure, and an Asynchronized Prismatic Gem — and that means Threads.

On May 19, Blizzard hotfixed the farming spot to quickly put a stop to players getting miles ahead of the intended power progression curve. But not much else was said following the frog farming nerf — would further action being taken against players who took advantage of this farm? Would anything else be done to rebalance Remix, now that some players had gained so much power so quickly? New farming spots were discovered and Blizzard quickly nerfed those spots as well, but the impact left something to be desired — the damage had already been done.

Players who didn’t use any of these farming methods found themselves underpowered compared to the frog farmers (“froggers,” as the community has started calling them). In the group finder, some players will only invite “froggers” while denying anyone who didn’t supercharge their cloak in the first days of the event.

And it seemed like Blizzard didn’t intend to do more than nerf farming spots as they are found, while  the huge power gap remained. That is, until today when community manager Kaivax made a post on the forums explaining new quests (going live today) will give those players who didn’t incessantly farm frogs a total of 40,000 Bronze across three quests, available after reaching levels 50, 60, and 70. When they’re added, you’ll find them at Momentus the item upgrader in the Jade Forest Infinite Bazaar.

Kaivax also stated that players who killed, “an unreasonably large number of Gulp Frogs prior to the loot bug fix” will receive a nerf to their cloak. This is an attempt to close the gap and bring all players to a reasonable power level for a player who has been playing without doing such grinds. Kaivax also promises that Blizzard will continue to monitor the game and make improvements as needed — welcome news, since there could certainly be more hyper-efficient farms in the future.

For now, players should find themselves at a more reasonable power level, even if they don’t enjoy frog farming — or whatever the next iteration of frog farming might be.

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