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HearthstoneMay 30, 2024 10:00 am CT

Four cool Hearthstone decks featuring cards from the Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions mini-set

We’re presenting four decks that feature cards from the recently-released Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions mini-set for Hearthstone that have varying costs (from budget to expensive) but have a good performance at the moment. These decks, listed in ascending order of required Dust amount to craft, are hopefully not too costly even for more casual players — especially the first option — but data shows that they’re still seeing enough success to be able to win games when piloted correctly.

We start with an option for those with very tight budgets in Spell Mage, and then we have another low-budget option of sorts with a Handbuff Death Knight. Next, we have a deck that’s seeing very good performance numbers at the moment: Secret Hunter. And we end with Highlander Priest, which is a bit more costly, but fills that control/highlander niche to round things up.

So read on to find out more about those decks, pick the perfect option for you, and try it out!

Spell Mage (budget option)

Total cost: 1960 Dust

Deck code:


Card list:

This is a cheap and relatively easy-to-play deck that features nothing but spells — it has several effects that benefit from your deck having no minions at all. It’s a deck to be played aggressively: the fact that all cards cost five or less mana, and that there are two copies of each card (to increase consistency) are key tells of that strategy.

You’ll want to overwhelm your opponent with those spells, both controlling their board and hitting them in the face. And being a Mage deck, you’ll also make use of Discovering some extra spells, and even summoning some minions mid-game.

Handbuff Death Knight

Total cost: 5080 Dust

Deck code:


Card list:

This is a “rainbow” Death Knight deck — that is, it features one Rune of each type (one Blood, one Frost, one Unholy), meaning that it trades some power for versatility. As implied by the name, it aims to win the game through “handbuffs” — that is, buffing minions while they’re still in your hand.

You have several effects that do that, and some fantastic targets for it, like the self-multiplying Nerubian Swarmguard and the cleaving Lifesteal beast Hollow Hound. Aside from the actual handbuffs, cards like Maw and Paw will keep you alive — especially if you hide it behind a Taunt — while Reska, the Pit Boss will allow you some nice swings as long as you’re making trades and generating corpses, so don’t hold minions in your hand forever.

Secret Hunter

Total cost: 6920 Dust

Deck code:


Card list:

Cast Secrets to drive your opponent crazy. Repeat those Secrets, again and again. Make your other cards stronger the more Secrets you play. That’s the basic game plan with this Secret Hunter deck! Minions like Vicious Slitherspear should hit the board early, as long as you have a few spells to play — it pairs really well with Bunch of Bananas.

Product 9 is the star of the show, so you wanna save it for later. And cards like Kill Command and the Starstrung Bow should ideally be used to hit the opponent’s face rather than their board, if possible. That’s how Hunter closes the deal!

Highlander Priest

Total cost: 14380 Dust

Deck code:


Card list:

This is a far more expensive deck than the other three, but we needed to finish things off with a more control-oriented option that also doubles down as a Highlander deck. Being a controlling Priest means that you’ll abuse board clears and self-healing effects to keep your opponent in check at all times. But Control decks eventually need to play some big threats of their own to seal the deal.

That’s when you want cards like Ignis, the Eternal Flame and Yogg-Saron, Unleashed to shine. Make sure to survive until they can hit the board and make all the difference: in current Hearthstone, winning through mere attrition and Fatigue is much more difficult than it used to be, so even a Control deck needs to be able to actually kill their opponent with something, eventually.

We hope you’ll be able to craft one or more of these decks, combining your existing collection with the cards from the miniset — which can be purchased in-game for 2000 gold, in what is always a great deal — and some of your Dust. GG!

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