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Discussion > The War WithinJun 6, 2024 8:00 am CT

How much impact do you think Xal’atath will have in the Worldsoul Saga and beyond?

We know a few things about Xal’atath at this point: she’s a major antagonist for World of Warcraft’s upcoming The War Within expansion, and she’s been involved with the story of Azeroth for millennia, having shaped events and influenced things from behind the curtain. What we don’t know is just how much she’ll drive the story from this point forward: will we get rid of her in one of the raid tiers of The War Within? Is she there merely to set the stage for a larger threat? Will some Void Lord come to devour Azeroth rise as the real threat? Will she herald the return of the other Old Gods?

Or is Xal’atath herself the big deal? Does she have what it takes to become a new remarkable villain from the Warcraft cosmos like Sargeras, or Azshara? Can you see her role expanding to such levels? If you ask me, that’s the option I’d go with: she’s certainly charismatic enough to fit that role, and it would be an absolute shame to have her be discarded too quickly. If we were to draw a comparison to the Shadowlands story — and how it handled its brand-new antagonists — she probably already has more in common with the beloved Sire Denathrius than the forgettable Zovaal.

There’s also the possibility that Xal could become an “antihero” of sorts — think Illidan’s turn during Legion. Just like with the Night Elf Demon Hunter, maybe her popularity will have the writers giving her a role where we don’t have to end up killing (or imprisoning) her. But I find that particular premise a bit more unlikely. Though it would be an interesting twist, especially considering that we’d have to see just who exactly she’s fighting against — and it would have to be someone far more terrifying.

What do you think? Do you see Xal’atath being the antagonist just for The War Within, or do you think she’ll stick around for the entirety of the Worldsoul Saga? Do you think there’s any chances she’ll even survive beyond the events of The Last Titan, and become a new recurring villain in WoW lore? Do you think she’ll ever have a change of heart, and show different allegiances than what we assume she has?

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