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When is the Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Monster Manual release date?

Funnily enough, the final book in the set of three updates to 2024 Dungeons & Dragons isn’t coming out until 2025. The 2024 Monster Manual is slated for release February 18, 2025. As such, the new compendium of all the fuzzy, gloopy, tricksy, and gruesome denizens you can slot into your 2024 D&D campaign comes, unfortunately, just a few days shy of being this year’s must-have Valentines’ Day gift.

2024 Monster Manual features over 500 creatures at your disposal — perhaps technically at your party’s disposal — with at least 75 of them being new to the 2024 MM book. With that many critters in play, it may not be surprising that there aren’t enough pages in this 375-page book to include art for each and every one of them, but all the examples they’ve posted so far, including the Beholder featured on the cover, are just as gorgeous as all the art we’ve come to see out of current D&D.

This is one instance where, if you’re playing digitally at all, the digital version seems well worth buying on your virtual tabletop of choice, since it will allow you to use all the proper tokens on your virtual gameboards, rather than searching through a whole bunch of “eh, I guess this could work” template tokens. If you buy digitally on D&D Beyond you can also automatically plug in each and every stat block into its encounter builder, which, as much as I love paging through physical books, has my non-mathy brain sold on the digital edition. They also stepped up the number of humanoid stat blocks, for the odd bandit encounter, or when the wizard in your party elects to surreptitiously crack open every shop with a subtle fireball.

You can purchase the 2024 Monster Manual either by itself — a physical copy, a digital copy, or both — or in the mega bundle of all three 2024 Dungeons and Dragons rulebooks, again in either physical, digital, or both.

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