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Officers’ Quarters: Guilds in the Battle for Azeroth BlizzCon dropped quite a few bombs on the WoW community: classic WoW realms, game-wide level scaling, and a new expansion. In the WoW Systems panel, Blizzard also announced a slew of new features to help us organize and communicate with other players.

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Officers’ Quarters: Switching mains in Legion Raiding can be hard work, but it’s so much worse when you’re not enjoying your class. Sometimes the only solution to make raid nights fun again is to switch mains.

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Officers’ Quarters: The boom/bust cycle of recruiting Of all the aspects of guild leadership, the one I’m asked about most frequently is recruiting. It’s no surprise — this is probably the most critical, life-or-death task that a raiding guild’s leaders have to accomplish.

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Officers’ Quarters: 10 tips for progression With the Tomb of Sargeras recently released, many guilds are still progressing through their difficulty of choice. Here are ten tips to help officers, and especially raid leaders, guide their guilds to victory against the Legion!

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Officers’ Quarters: Is Mythic raiding worth it? The Tomb of Sargeras is open and guilds are now firmly into the progression phase of a new raid zone. This week, a raider asks if it's worth making that extra jump to Mythic difficulty.

Officers’ Quarters: Legion and raider shaming This week, Nyx asks if raid leaders should call out players who aren't spending enough time earning Artifact Power and Legendaries.

Officers’ Quarters: Waiting for Kil’jaeden The Tomb of Sargeras looms over the Broken Shore. It has stood there throughout the Legion expansion, taunting us, and soon we’ll be able to discover its secrets.

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Ten years of Officers’ Quarters OK, maybe not quite. There was, after all, some time at WoW Insider when there was no budget for Officers’ Quarters.

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Officers’ Quarters: Voice of dissent Guild leaders are not meant to be tyrants, dictators, or demagogues. The leadership core of a guild has one primary mission: to make sure everyone in the guild is having fun.

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Officers’ Quarters: Kick and tell When a guild member leaves under less-than-sunny circumstances, the best thing to do is often just to learn from it and move on. But what about the new guild they are trying to join?

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Officers’ Quarters: Four ways Blizzard can help guilds Many players are generally unhappy with Legion‘s most recent patch, 7.2. The gated content, the Nethershard grind, the rep grind to unlock flight, and short-lived Broken Shore buildings have not been well received.

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Officers’ Quarters: 6 qualities of a good officer As Legion rolls along, many guilds are experiencing turnover in their rosters. We’ve already discussed some reasons why.

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Officers’ Quarters: Legion and raider morale Back in December, I told raid leaders not to blame themselves for poor raid attendance. I talked about the many ways that Blizzard has intentionally made organized raiding as optional as possible for the average player.

Officers’ Quarters: A guild member’s “moral problem” What can you do as an officer when you think one of your guild members is in a problem relationship? This week, an officer is losing a raider to the raider’s boyfriend and she’s wondering if there’s anything she can do.

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Officers’ Quarters: Coping with a guild leader’s passing There’s no easy way to introduce this subject. I’ll just let the question speak for itself.

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Officers’ Quarters: Raiding in the Legion economy There’s no debating that the cost of raiding has skyrocketed in Legion. The prices of consumables and gear enhancements are at an all-time high. With many guilds worried about attendance, one raider wonders, is raiding asking too much from players?