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Heroes of the Storm: Lt. Morales guide

The StarCraft medic Lt. Morales is an amazing single-target Support hero. She can boost the damage output of a teammate to crazy heights while keeping them alive with her channeled heal and damage-reducing shields. Pair her with a Illidan, Butcher, Kael’thas or any other high-damage hero and they will tear through objectives and enemies with wild abandon. And her Medivac Dropship Heroic Ability will be a game changer in Hero League and in tournaments given its ability to transport her entire team from one map objective to another in seconds.

But with all that goodness there also come the downsides. With no group heal or burst heal, she won’t be able to keep her team alive during team fights when the other team is stacking massive AE damage. This means she is best when played as a secondary healer. Also, she is very, very squishy with few escape options so positioning and map awareness will be key to her survivability and effectiveness.

If you are on voice chat with your teammates, go for the Medivac build which focuses on her survivability and providing her group with map control via her transport. If you’re playing solo, the Dropship can be too difficult to coordinate. Try the other build which still has survivability talents along with damage buffs for your teammates including the crazy good damage booster Heroic Ability, Stim Drone.

Lt. Morales Medivac build

Lt. Morales solo build


  • Excellent single-target healing
  • Game-changing Dropship talent
  • Great damage buffer

  • Mana issues with prolonged channeled healing use
  • No group heal or burst heal
  • Very squishy


Healing Beam (Q): Heal an ally for 420 (40 + 20 per level) health a second as long as they are in range. Reactivate to switch targets, or activate your Trait to cancel the channel. – Cooldown: 0.5 seconds

This ability is what makes Morales such an excellent secondary healer. Short of an Invulnerable shield, this will keep an ally alive better than just about any other ability in the game, especially when combined with Safeguard (W). Use your Trait key (D) to end this channeled ability or hit Q again to retarget. Keep an eye on your mana bar as prolonged use of Healing Beam will drain it fast.

Safeguard (W): Grant target ally Resistant, reducing damage taken by 25% for 3 seconds. – 60 Mana, Cooldown: 15 seconds

This single-target damage reducer is another way Morales can keep her allies and herself alive. It’s especially important for herself as Morales has no in-combat self-heal until Level 13 and is extremely squishy.

Displacement Grenade (E): Fire a grenade that explodes on the first enemy hit, dealing 460 (80 + 20 per level) damage, knocking enemies away. – 50 Mana, Cooldown: 12 seconds

While the damage component looks nice, the real advantage of this ability is the knockback. Use it to get some distance between you and an enemy trying to chase you down. It’s one of your only escape mechanisms in the game, so make sure it’s not on cooldown when things get ugly.

Stim Drone or Medivac Dropship (R): Buff one ally’s attack and movement speed or transport allies to target location in the Dropship. More details in the Talent Breakdown below.

Caduceus Reactor (D): Regenerate 3.12% of your maximum Health every second after not taking damage for 4 seconds.

A great ability for self-healing in between engagements. It also works if you are in combat while not taking damage. One of the few self-healing options for Morales, it works quickly if you can stay out of the line of fire. A Level 20 trait can also add a mana regen component as well to the Trait.


Talent breakdown

Level 1

Trauma Trigger provides a mana-free damage absorption shield to Morales if she takes a hit while under 50% health. This talent is a no-brainer no matter what build you are pursuing. Morales is very squishy and this extra protection can make the difference when fleeing from an opponent.

Level 4

When playing against human opponents, take Advanced Block to reduce Hero Basic Attack damage against you. Yet another way to survive a fight.

If you are fighting vs. AI, you will be a bit safer and can grab Bioshield. The extra shielding on an ally before they jump in a fight will allow you to heal someone else longer.

Level 7

Cleanse in a team fight can remove your opponents’ advantage. Take it if you are facing a lot of stuns, roots, and silences.

If you are playing solo then Irradiate will help you boost your melee teammates overall damage output while keeping them healed. Combine this with Stim Drone (R) for a super damage boost to your ally.

Level 10

Lt. Morales may have one of the abilities that redefines the meta of the game and that ability is Medivac Dropship (R). The ability to transport your entire team across the map in mere seconds can mean the difference between winning and losing the game. The transport takes off after 10.5 seconds, but can launch earlier by pressing E. It can also be attacked and destroyed, so be careful if you try to use it to escape in the middle of a teamfight.

Let’s not discount her other Hero Ability. Stim Drone (R) can turn an effective assassin into a chainsaw ripping through enemies, towers, golems, and anything else in their way by boosting their basic attack speed by 75% and their movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds. This is an excellent Hero Ability to take if you’re not in voice chat with your group to coordinate an effective Dropship. See playstyle tips below about how to combo this ability effectively with your other talents.


Level 13

Though there are some tempting talents at this level (such as Spell Shield if you keep getting ganked by Jaina), Couples Therapy provides you with your only in-combat heal. When things get crazy during team fights, you’re going to be relying on this heavily to keep you alive so you can keep your teammates alive. Be aware of the extra mana cost and what it does to your mana bar.

Level 16

Shield Sequencer allows you to cast Safeguard (W) twice (and with no mana cost for the second one). This is one of the few ways you can protect more than one person at a time in your group. Maybe even yourself!

Level 20

The upgrades to your Hero Ablities look sweet, but Morales’ key ability, Healing Beam (Q) is a huge mana suck, made even more draining by the mandatory Couples Therapy. Unless you have Malfurion along to drop Innervates on you every time it’s off cooldown, take Caduceous Reactor 2.0 to add a mana regen component to your out-of-combat self-heal Trait. The personal shield this talent provides certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Playstyle tips

Your playstyle with Morales largely relies on whether you are on voice chat with your group or not. If you are, take the defensive talents, Medivac Dropship and use that transport to keep your team one step ahead of the enemy while patch healing and keeping yourself alive.

If you’re not on voice chat, Dropship will largely be wasted. Instead, Irradiate plus Stim Drone (R) on a high damage ally will boost their damage immensely while your Healing Beam (Q) and Safeguard (W) keeps them impossibly alive as they shred through your enemies. Another great time for that combination is when your ally is attacking your opponent’s core. You can keep them alive through the damage the core does as they break it to pieces. Throw an Abathur hat on the same ally for extra shielding and damage for a truly terrifying hero that will cut through the other team like butter.

Positioning is key for this hero. Given her low health, lack of real escape, and few self-heal options, she is going to go down quick if caught by just one enemy assassin away from her team. And you can bet she’s going to get focus fired on first in team fights unless you have strong Warriors with stuns, blocks, and other ways to stop Morales from being picked off from the back line. So make sure you are never alone and preferably next to someone that can help you escape if you run across the enemy.

The other thing to keep aware of is staying close to the ally you are channel healing. It’s great to drop Stim Drone (R), Safeguard (W), and Healing Beam (Q) on The Butcher before sending him to mow down the enemy or a turret, but if his opening charge takes him out of your beam’s range, he just lost a big survival advantage. Staying close to Warriors to keep them alive means you are closer to the enemy, so have you Displacement Grenade (E) ready to go if you get charged or fired on.

Remember that while you are a healer, without a burst or group heal, you’re more of a specialist. Let the other support keep the team alive and you can focus on keeping a key ally healthy and buffed.

Written by Dan O’Halloran. Last updated 10/6/2015.

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