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BlizzCrafts: Tracimoc’s Pepe cosplay makes a splash at PAX

Sure, we all love Pepe, but the downside of everyone's favorite feathered friend is that he's stuck inside World of Warcraft while we (at least occasionally) like venturing out into the real (or at least non-virtual) world beyond Azeroth. So how do we take Pepe along? Liz Lirakis, the artist behind Tracimoc, came up with a solution in the form of this Pepe cosplay that she took to PAX East earlier this month.

BlizzCrafts: This finished Gnomish mailbox looks right at home

You've probably seen the photos circulating on Twitter or Reddit of the full-scale, working Gnomish mailbox — but, while they showed off an impressive piece of crafting, the mailbox wasn't finished yet. Curious about this work in progress, we caught up with the maker, Jonathan, to see just what went into building a working model of an in-game creation.

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