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The Queue: 40 levels in a day

So, I knew the whole Invasions as leveling tool experience had been radically improved by a recent hotfix — I’d leveled two characters in their 90’s with it, including my long abandoned Paladin. But upon getting him to 100 I decided to see how useful it was for a low level toon, my level 23 Warrior. So, this Monday, I took her to the Westfall one since she could get to it pretty easily.

Long story short, she’s now level 64. And I didn’t log on every two hours to hit all the Invasions, nor did I log out at an inn to reset a zone to stage 1 (although I was advised to do so on Twitter and I find that fascinating). This is just from hitting as many invasions as I could reasonably reach, with a last minute assist from my wife on her Sandstone Drake to get to some of the elites in Azshara. That one popped me up six levels by itself.

This is the Queue. Let’s chat about stuff.

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