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Patch Day

The Queue: Calm

Hi. This is expected to post to the site on Tuesday, July 19th. As y’all likely know, that’s the day that patch 7.0 for World of Warcraft will drop, as I predicted. It will likely be a tumultuous day, full of hijinks and complications and unforeseen consequences.

But we’re all going to stay calm and get through this together. We’ll handle the unexpected server delays, the equally unexpected bugs that never showed up on the Beta or PTR, and the manic rush of people trying to experience the systems changes and new transmog system with equanimity. Everything is going to be okay.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to run around flailing my arms wildly and shrieking. What? That’s how I handle things calmly. It’s patch day, let’s talk about Blizzard games.

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