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The Queue: I wish WoW had Barbarians

Now, admittedly, Titan’s Grip Fury Warriors are close. But man, I really wish that when they’d designed World of Warcraft they’d made a Knight class that was all about shields and tanking or single weapon mastery and a Barbarian class that was all about going ape with a couple of gigantic weapons and just wrecking things. I absolutely love the way Fury works in Diablo 3, and it’s a mechanic I wish World of Warcraft had.

Also, I wish that your class selection changed your character model somewhat. Like, if you were a Paladin, you’d get the glow of the Holy Light or the Sun or whatever leaking from you, Warriors would get a little bit bigger than other classes, Rogues would be a little hard to see around the edges, etc etc.

Look, I can’t do every Queue with some weird conceit that it isn’t actually me writing it. Sometimes, y’all just have to accept I’m writing this Queue. If it makes you feel any better, I just killed Ordos and he didn’t drop my shoulders, so we’re all suffering.

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