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The QueueApr 18, 2017 11:00 am CT

The Queue: Crescent Eye Moon

It’s Queue time again, guys.


Q4tQ: What is your favorite World of Warcraft short story from the official site? I’m not including any of the webcomics or A Winter Veil Carol in this

Unbroken by Micky Neilson.


Q4tQ: Do we know if Frost Wyrm (Sindragosa etc) are capable of assuming humanoid form like the other Dragonflights?

As far as we know, none of the undead bone dragon types have been shown to have the ability to transform into mortal beings. I won’t say they can’t do it because there may be a reference I’m missing, but as of right this moment I’m unaware of any example in game or game related tie in where a Lava or Frost Wyrm has done this.

To be clear, I’m talking about undead, formerly dragon skeletons here like Sindragosa and Sapphiron. In life, most of them would have possessed the ability to shapeshift, but after death, they don’t seem to retain it.


If Deathwing came to Heroes, would you rather him be in big dragon form all the time or see him in humanoid form with his dragon form as an ulti?

I think having Deathwing as a little dragon would rob him of some of the coolness of the character, that he’s basically a dragon kaiju, so I’d rather he be in humanoid form most of the time and then go big dragon as an ult, kind of similar to how Rag goes massive when he takes over a tower.


The Uprising Overwatch event has handled the cutscene perfectly. You’re free to hold down the space bar to skip the cutscene at the beginning, and will notify everyone how many people are waiting on your slow ass for not skipping it, but it’s completely anonymous so only you, slowass, can know your shame. This is how all cutscenes in all multiplayer games should be handled!

I like that — I often hated that I was expected to skip the cutscenes when I was raiding. I remember doing Dragon Soul and never getting to see them, to the point that even though I had realm first Savior of Azeroth kills on two different servers I still haven’t seen all of them.


Q4TQ: What’s going to happen once a good segment of the player population reaches Exalted with Legionfall and are no longer doing turn-ins? I’m sure there will be somewhat of a drop off. Do you think Blizzard will bump the % contribution from turn-ins? Or maybe make it so that towers automatically gain something like 1% an hour, even without players?

They may not do anything, if they view the towers as a mechanic intended to stimulate involvement for players in current content and once the raid is open they may feel like it’s okay for the turn ins to slow down. Or they might adjust the rate at which turn ins spawn a tower, much the same as how they put in buff mechanics to old raids back when they were nearing the end of their content cycles.


I got a couple new alts to the Broken Shore yesterday. To get the building buffs, you first have to do the quest where you contribute 100 resources towards a building, until then, they’re phased out. The mage tower was under attack, and so I couldn’t contribute to that, and the other two buildings were up, so I couldn’t contribute to them. I could not progress with that quest.

I’m mostly putting this one here hoping Blizzard will see it if it gets more publicity — that sounds like a truly awful bug and I know it would ruin a play session for me if I ran into it.


Q4TQ: Are the swords on the shoulders of the Judgement Armor sets functional or ornamental?

Unlike the awesome Wrath set with its shoulder axes, Judgement’s shoulders are just decorative.

Warrior armor tends to be easily weaponized. I feel like some Orc armorsmith designed this.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see y’all later this week.

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