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What do you most want to see in Diablo 4?

One thing the Diablo series has always been hit or miss on is story -- there are some amazing moments in all three of the current games, but some real clunkers too, and I'm still mad that Leah just gets her body stolen and presumably her soul sent to the Burning Hells and we never do anything to help her or even find out for sure if there's anything left of her.

Is World of Warcraft the MMO equivalent of binge television?

The takeaway I have from playing World of Warcraft and experiencing its story over the past decade -- from Cataclysm to Mists and then the Warlords/Legion/Battle for Azeroth years, and finally exploring the content of Shadowlands -- is that in many ways WoW feels to me much like a season of a streamed TV series like The Witcher or The Boys, not in terms of the story it is telling, but in how that story is told.

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