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The QueueFeb 21, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: It’s a little book of mysteries

I wish I could read whatever that is sitting on Khadgar’s desk. I’m guessing it’s either plans for global domination, or his secret recipe for extra crispy legendary onion rings. Either way, he’s got a way with decor, doesn’t he? Let’s get to the weekend questions.


Why does Gul’Dan have human-looking skulls on his shoulders when there are no humans on Draenor at the time?

They may look human in promotional material, but on the in-game model they are most definitely either orcs or ogres — they’ve got the lower jaw on the model.


Question for the Queue (Stickney edition):

Since the ‘eternal’ Dragonflights and their respective Aspects are not eternal anymore … what is your “Tin Foil Hat” notion on further propagation of the species?  Will this necessitate an intervention by the Titans?  Reason for a future expansion?  <possible SPOILER> ?  Does Rossi’s beard hold any clues?


End communication.

I believe one of the historians stated on Twitter that the dragonflights will no longer produce any children, and slowly die out. This was just after Dragon Soul was released though, and the lore may have changed in that time. But we haven’t visited the Dragon Aspects in so long that it’s not really something to worry about. The Aspects and their flights fulfilled the purpose to which they’d been entrusted, so their task is complete.

To be honest, I don’t really care for that answer, because the Aspects became the Aspects after a long struggle to keep Galakrond from wiping out dragonkind entirely, and Azeroth in the process. I guess Tyr figured since the Aspects were willing to give their lives to save the world once, they were willing to bind themselves to protecting said world and just, you know, pop off and die after that task was taken care of? That doesn’t seem very fair to me.


With patch 6.1 arriving next week, how long do you think we’ll have to wait until 6.2 lands on PTR?

At least a month or two? Honestly, we’ve got no real way of knowing. Presumably everyone’s been busy at work with the next patch, but we’ve got no idea just how much they’ve got left to do, and we won’t really know until they say something about it.


QFTQ: I recently heard someone mention that Jaina had a brother, interestingly named ‘Derek.’ A quick wowwiki search shows that he met an untimely end. As someone who’s lore experience started with WC3, does he appear anywhere else in the story other than his tragic end, and was he significant or special in any way like Jaina?

He was very briefly mentioned in the novel Arthas, but it was just a passing mention by Jaina. His death was briefly mentioned in the novel Tides of Darkness, but it was really just a few paragraphs — unfortunately, he really didn’t have much of a story beyond that. He was Proudmoore’s eldest son, and both Jaina and Daelin grieved when he died. In the RPG source books there was a second brother, Tandred, but it’s been stated he is no longer canon.


Qt4q – Blackrock foundry follower missions in 6.1?

Yep! But they require a follower ilvl of 660. Currently you can only boost your followers up to 655 — you’ll be able to go higher once 6.1 is released. The Blackrock Foundry missions will work just like the Highmaul missions currently do.


Q4TQ: how much longer till we can hope to see a Rogue column?

Soon. No trademark symbol necessary!

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