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The Queue: Disgusted noises

I’m pretty sure this is the best selfie I’ve ever taken on my draenei character, and it has nothing to do with my character and everything to do with the utterly disgusted glare from the woman behind her. I do find myself wishing that we had “pose” buttons on our camera bars that would let us do an emote with a push of a button while we were happily snapping our selfies. I almost think I’d like that better than the camera filters!

The Queue: Starting Over

Hi. Welcome to The Queue, where Blizzard Watch answers your questions. Today The Queue is under the control of Matthew Rossi (@matthewwrossi) and here we go.

So last night was my first Blackrock Foundry run, assuming you don’t count LFR (which I’m not) and it was interesting. My DPS went from really bad to sorta okay once I got two Taner’s Terrible Spine‘s off of Gruul. Expect a warrior column about raiding as Single-Minded Fury soon. It’s definitely interesting to gear switch from the days of 25 man heroic raiding to the new normal/heroic flex system – I doubt I’ll even look at mythic this expansion, and I’m fine with that. Getting my alt (who I guess is now my main?) geared up for raiding and getting him into BRF was interesting, it feels a lot like I just started playing WoW after a long break, although I didn’t actually take much of a break.

Anyway, on to your questions.


The Queue: Live long and prosper

I was really upset to hear about Leonard Nimoy’s passing yesterday — I grew up watching Star Trek. A lot of you asked in the comments from yesterday if we thought he’d get an in game tribute. Well, technically he already has one, and it’s been there since vanilla, down in Gnomeregan. Of course, he should be wearing a blue shirt and not a red one — I mean come on, everyone knows Spock’s always been a science officer and blue has been for science and medical since the beginning and yes I am a gigantic nerd thank you.

Let’s get to some Warcraft questions.

The Queue: Punch elephant

Alex decided to share the best header image ever yesterday. It’s so amazing, I felt like I had to share it with all of you. And if I ever need to punch an elephant, I know who to ask. Speaking of asking, I believe you all have some questions you’d like answered, and I’m perfectly happy to answer them, so let’s get to it!

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