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The QueueMar 1, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: X marks the spacegoat

I’m not sure what exactly the map on the Horde war table is tracking exactly, but the little x’s and arrows and illegible writing is kind of fascinating to me. I wonder if the Alliance side has different areas marked out? I think I should pay a visit to my Alliance alt again and do some leveling, maybe.


Do we know if any wow novels r coming in the near future?

The only one we’re currently aware of is World of Warcraft: Chronicle Vol. 1, which is due out in November and isn’t really a novel so much as an illustrated book of lore we haven’t seen before. Supposedly, it’s going to cover the birth of the cosmos and what shaped Azeroth into what it is today. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon — but that’s the only book we know about.


Q4tQ:  Are the music rolls drops for everyone or just for those who have put together the jukebox?  Does each alt have to get their own copy?  Also, Harrison Jones, do you have to finish his quest the day you get it?  I started one but did not complete it.  Now the items are in my bag but the second part of the quest line I excepted  is gone.

You have to have the jukebox constructed before you can begin collecting music scrolls — they won’t drop and you won’t see them out in the world until you do. Alts must create their own jukebox and collect their own music scrolls, they aren’t account wide. As far as the garrison quests go, you turn them in to one of your regular garrison NPCs, not Harrison himself. So you can feel free to finish that quest and turn it in when you’re done, no worries!


My only followers that have been getting experience for work orders are those in the buildings of professions that the character has.  For example, my Hunter is a LW/skinner.  I have a tannery and a scribe’s quarters.  I’m churning work orders in both buildings and neither of the assigned followers is epic yet, but only the follower in the tannery is getting experience.  And this is happening on several of my characters with profession buildings that don’t match their personal professions.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I haven’t. I don’t have enchanting as a learned profession, but any followers I assign to the enchanting building gather experience with every work order I collect, same as any of the other buildings.


How long until NPCs react to Selfies and photobomb them?

… man I have no clue, but that is a wonderful idea.


Is it true that Ner’zul’s ex wife is an alliance follower, and if so, what does this mean lore-wise?

Yep, Rulkan is an Alliance follower. Lore-wise, this doesn’t really amount to much of anything. The Shadowmoon Orcs weren’t really amazingly hostile to the draenei until the Iron Horde was formed. Rulkan and the rest of the Shadowmoon outcasts refuse to affiliate with the Iron Horde, and they refuse to participate in the dark magics that Ner’zhul decided the clan should pick up and start to play with. So it only makes sense that, after the Alliance gave the outcasts some help, she turn around and help in return.


Q4Q: Do you think that the garrison music failing the play in the mine is a bug or a feature?

I wouldn’t call it a bug — I assume that it just wasn’t intended to play in the mine to begin with. Your garrison has its own music track, the mine has a different music track. I’m hoping that maybe at some point we’ll get an upgrade feature that will let us install speakers down there or something. It would be nice!


I have so many Apexis Crystals I don’t know what to do with them and I keep getting more. Any advice on where to spend them?

Pretty much any time I get a surplus of either Apexis Crystals or Garrison Resources, I’ll use those to purchase the weekly seals. It won’t make a huge dent in an overabundance of Apexis, but it’ll whittle it down a little over time.

That’s it for Sunday’s edition of the Queue — be sure to leave plenty of questions for tomorrow!

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