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WoWMar 10, 2015 9:00 am CT

Bosses in 5 seconds: Blackrock Foundry LFR – Iron Assembly

The third wing of Blackrock Foundry LFR, Iron Assembly, opens up today. It consists of 3 bosses: Beastlord Darmac, Operator Thogar, and the Iron Maidens. Our bosses in 5 seconds series focuses on the core points you need to know going into these fights. Yes, we know this is longer than 5 seconds, but “Bosses in 17 seconds” isn’t as catchy.

Be sure to check out our posts for The Slagworks and The Black Forge if you need some pointers for the previous wings. Keep in mind that you’ll need a minimum item level of 635 to queue for Blackrock Foundry LFR.


  • Beastlord Darmac has 3 pet mounts in his stables that he will use throughout the fight at 85%, 65%, and 45% health. He will automatically mount the one closest to him when he reaches these health thresholds. Each mount has unique abilities and needs to be killed before you can DPS Darmac again.
  • Recommended kill order:
    • Cruelfang: Everyone should spread out to reduce Rend and Tear damage. Those who can dispel enrage effects (hunters, druids) should dispel Savage Howl from Cruelfang. When Cruelfang dies, Darmac gains the Rend and Tear ability.
    • Ironcrusher: Everyone should continue to spread out for Stampede. Healers be ready for unavoidable raid-wide AoE damage with Tantrum. Tanks swap after two Crush Armor stacks. When Ironcrusher dies, Darmac gains the Tantrum ability.
    • Dreadwing: Once again, spread out, this time around the boss as he will cast Inferno Breath in a random direction and you don’t want everyone hit at once. Healers should dispel Conflagration immediately. After Dreadwing dies, Darmac gains the Superheated Shrapnel ability.
  • Throughout the fight, Darmac will use Call Pack. Simply cleave these lesser beasts down with the boss. He will also cast Pin Down and hurl spears at ranged players. Move out of the way before it lands or you will be trapped in the spear until it is killed. DPS should cleave/multidot spears throughout the fight.


  • The Operator Thogar fight takes place on a series of 4 train tracks. Moving Trains will come down each track (sometimes two tracks at once), some of the trains will drop off adds and others will just move through. The doors on either side of the train track will open up several seconds before the train comes.
  • If you get hit by a train, you will take heavy damage. It won’t outright kill you like it does on other difficulties, but healers will have trouble keeping up if people don’t move.
  • Don’t get hit by trains.
  • Avoid bombs and blue stuff on the ground.
  • Tanks: Swap Thogar after 2 stacks of Enkindle.
  • Healers: Tanks will be taking a lot of damage, especially when Man-at-Arms are up.
  • DPS: Adds are the priority in this fight! Firemenders > Man-at-Arms > Iron Crack-Shots > Iron Raiders. Go nuts with your AoE while cleaving onto Thogar. Ranged DPS should kill cannons on trains.
  • I said don’t get hit by trains, right?


  • This is a council fight consisting of 3 bosses — Admiral Gar’an, Marak, and Sorka — with independent health pools. You should DPS them down evenly. Ranged and heals should stack up for the fight.
  • At 1:00, 4:20, and 7:40 into the fight the lowest health boss will move to the Dreadnaught ship. When this happens 6 players must click on the hooks to go over to the ship — ideally 1 tank, 1 healer, and 4 DPS.
    • Players on the ship must kill the mini-bosses there as fast as possible. Once it’s dead, someone has to click on the ammunition at the front of the ship to return everyone to the main platform.
  • Players who do not go on the boat will have to deal with Bombardment Patterns while those 6 players are away. Don’t stand in red circles, and don’t stand in bombs that are about to explode. This is a dance that will take some practice.
  • Red squiggly line = move out of the group and have a tank intercept.
  • Straight red line = everyone stack up on the line to split damage.
  • Players who get Rapid Fire need to move out of the group and kite it away until the cast is over.
  • When one of the bosses drops below 20%, the Iron Will phase is triggered. Kill one boss at a time. Ranged DPS needs to prioritize turrets dropped by the Admiral.

The final wing (Blackhand) is due to open on March 24.

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