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The QueueMar 14, 2015 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: So I heard you like metal

Blackrock Foundry LFR has been an interesting experience — far more so than Highmaul, which was kind of fun in terms of flavor, but not so much with the fights. I liked Kargath’s bout, I enjoyed Tectus and his sonorous pronouncements, but most of the fights were kind of forgettable. Not so with the Foundry. I love Hans’gar and Franzok, and yesterday I finally got to experience Operator Thogar, which I also really enjoyed. Trains are fun and there should be more of them. You know what else is fun? Answering questions. Let’s do that!


Q4TQ: Will gathering proffessions become less of a requirement now that we have buildings that produce trade goods for us? Do you think it’s a trend that will continue into the next expansion?

I think this expansion was an experiment to see just how viable those gathering professions are, and what exactly it would do to the economy if everyone, and I mean everyone, had a steady supply of gathered materials. I think that they are likely still determining what the effects really are and whether or not it does more harm than good. And I think that if they determine that in fact, it’s not exactly a bad thing for everyone to just have gathering professions on top of crafting professions, maybe we’ll see our professions expanded so that everyone can automatically herb, mine, and skin to their heart’s content.

This is all just guessing though, because we really don’t know. But if it proves to be something that people liked, something that didn’t harm or negatively effect gameplay, we might see them bring it around again.


Q4TQ: What do we think the state of the current Dark Iron “rebellion” against Moira is? If I remember the Cata questing correctly, most of the rebelling Dark Irons were actually in the Twilight Cult. With the Cult pretty much overthrown (right?) did they return to the Dwarf fold, or are they still out there refusing to join with the other Dwarf factions?

I think we pretty much wiped the majority of them out. Maybe there’s a few threats still left out there, but most Dark Iron have fallen in line behind Moira and support the Council of Three Hammers. I doubt there’s enough left behind to pose any kind of really serious threat at this point.


Starcraft queue, anyone know which planet is exploding at 1:12 of the Legacy of the Void trailer ? Is it Korhal ? Aiur ? Those are the ones I thinking since are the ones that Amon is invading, but there is any confirmation or extended information about the trailer ?

To be perfectly honest at first glance I thought it was Char. He’s talking about extinction and the end of all things, so that might be a vision, or … well, we’ll just say it definitely makes me want to see what’s up with Legacy of the Void when it comes out!


What “sub-optimal” thing do you do in-game, simply because you find it more entertaining than the “optimal” way? I’ve found myself using Grimoire of Service (summoning a 2nd demon for 20 seconds) over GoSac or GoSup, just so I can still hang out with my felhound, Nomnom. (Okay, his name’s Neenom. I’ve always called him Nomnom.) He was my bestest friend ever in Wrath, and since Mists I just haven’t spent that much time with him. He’s not even the most helpful in old raids, but he’s my puppy and I love him.

I don’t think I play a druid at all like it really is supposed to be played. My druids are alts, specifically created for gathering professions (needless to say, they haven’t been touched yet in Warlords) — I leveled them at my own speed and didn’t do any dungeons or anything with them. Questing all the way, so I could get screenshots of events I knew I’d be covering later. I didn’t level them correctly, I didn’t really pay attention to stats beyond ‘this has agility on it, that’s pretty good.’

Instead, I played the “Oh no it’s a bear” game.

In this particular game, you stealth around in catform, find a mob, pounce it and then immediately swap to bear form to maul the heck out of the thing. Why? Because it’s continually entertaining to picture some poor mob out there nonchalantly going about their daily business, only to be suddenly confronted with a rage-filled frothy-mouthed bear out of absolutely nowhere.

Look, I told you it wasn’t optimal, but I didn’t really care.


Q4tq: is there a point in hearthstone when the ladder will be completely reset (no bonus for last month’s level) so everyone restarts fresh at 1?

No, I don’t think they’d ever do that — throwing all the players who have mastered the ladder back down the thing would just make it completely miserable to play those early levels for new or non-ranked players that just want to play a few rounds of cards, you know?


Q4tQ: Do you think there will come a time when Blizzard will canonically connect Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft together? like how they all involve a renamed Azeroth or something? or how the Protoss are the Broken reformed into the Draenai? or something else?

Canonically? No, never. They are completely different franchises with completely different histories that take place in completely different universes. The closest you’ll ever see to that is Heroes of the Storm, which is a one-off fanciful idea that isn’t canon in the slightest, but it’s super fun to play.

That’s it for today’s Queue, don’t forget to leave plenty of questions for tomorrow!

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