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WoWJun 12, 2015 1:00 pm CT

Can you play a Death Knight loyal to the Lich King? Yes!

Death Knight art

Looking for a new gaming challenge or an interesting angle on RP? Reddit user Avinaria has found one: playing a Death Knight who remains loyal to the Lich King rather than joining the Alliance or Horde. Like neutral pandaren Doubleagent, who hit level 100 without selecting a faction, Avinaria has discovered that life without the backing of the Alliance or Horde is a bit challenging. We caught up with Avinaria to ask why play an unaffiliated Death Knight:

“I am playing a human Death Knight over on Emerald Dream. It’s an RP-PVP server so I wanted to feel more like the role I was playing. I haven’t RPed in a really long time; my home server’s RP kind of died off over the years. And since most RP in Stormwind it was a great way to stay connected to that role. As for Arthas, I decided since the world is ever changing my Death Knight would be ever changing too as he is loyal to the Lich King who ever his current host should be — right now it is Bolvar.”

While some NPCs are willing to work with an unaffiliated Death Knight, major players in Stormwind City (or, presumably, Orgrimmar) will remain unfriendly if you never turn in the quest to join your faction — this means you won’t be getting or turning in any quests from them. A GM has confirmed that this is working as intended… after all, you have to be cautious about potential spies for the Lich King in your midst. Avinaria can, however, still do dungeons (and even pick up dungeon quests) and has leveled up to 82 so far, with plans to hold out through level 100 in order to carry out the Lich King’s will.

Though we haven’t always gotten along with the Lich King in the past, we are curious as to where this is heading. Is Avinaria is the first of a new breed of Death Knights… or simply the first in a new wave of Scourge agents? Time will tell…

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