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The Queue: RP Edition with Shivara the Death Knight


I’m Shivara. Some of my friends call me Shivs. I don’t think it’s a really suitable nickname, I mean, Rogues shiv people. I tend to hit them with a really big glowing sword or axe or what have you. But yeah, I’m a Death Knight. It’s nice to meet you!

What? Oh, right, the whole ‘suffer well‘ thing. Look, I get that everybody over at Acherus is super into the whole ‘we are the damned, bound to the world by chains of our own misery’ deal, but the thing is? I go out and I make other folks suffer so I don’t have to. That’s pretty much all I do. Legion demons, crazed constructs, some kind of time monster… I put the hurt on them and as long as I keep doing that, I feel just fine. And it’s not like we’re in danger of running out of targets, as soon as we get done with the Legion I’m sure some new beasties will be lining up to get my evil monster axe right in the face.

So yeah! Let’s all have fun in the Queue today. You all seem like fun types.

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