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Heroes of the StormJun 16, 2015 1:00 pm CT

Heroes of the Storm free hero rotation and sales for June 16

If you’re just getting started with Heroes of the Storm, here’s the deal: Every week there are some heroes you’d usually have to pay for that you can play for free in the free hero rotation, plus a number of heroes and skins on sale in the weekly sale. It’s a great way to try out new heroes without committing to buy, as well as grabbing new heroes, skins, and mounts at bargain prices. As an added bonus, we have another week of XP boost to enjoy: this week you’ll get 100% bonus experience, so get leveling!

Here are this week’s freebies:

  • Malfurion
  • Valla, be sure to check out our guide to Valla
  • Chen
  • Brightwing
  • Kerrigan
  • Sgt. Hammer (Available after you reach player level 12)
  • Kael’thas (Available after you reach player level 15), be sure to check out our guide to Kael’thas

Not sure how to play any of these? Check out our assassin guide, our specialist guide, our support guide, and our warrior guide for quick rundowns on each hero. If you’re in the market for new heroes and skins, here’s what’s on sale this week:

  • Diablo — Sale Price: 4.24 USD, 3.19 GBP, 4.19 EUR
  • Uther — Sale Price: 4.24 USD, 3.19 GBP, 4.19 EUR
  • Lurkablo Diablo Skin — Sale Price: 4.99 USD, 3.69 GBP, 4.99 EUR
  • Medic Uther Skin — Sale Price: 4.99 USD, 3.69 GBP, 4.99 EUR
  • Stars and Stripes Raynor Skin — Sale Price: 2.49 USD, 1.89 GBP, 2.49 EUR
  • Kandy King Muradin Skin — Sale Price: 3.74 USD, 2.70 GBP, 3.69 EUR

This week’s freebies and sales should go live this afternoon at 2:30 PST / 5:30 EST, so you should be able to enjoy this week’s rotation later today. Until then, we’ll see you in the Nexus!

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