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WoWJun 26, 2015 1:00 pm CT

Patch 6.2 guide to ship equipment for naval missions

So you’ve ran the introduction quest line to patch 6.2, built your shipyard, collected oil and sent a few boats to their watery doom when you realized they don’t have the right equipment to counter the threats on the map. You run down the docks to the equipment vendor, cash in hand, and discover that each piece of ship gear needs a blueprint first. And those blueprints are scattered in different places. All over the Tanaan Jungle. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the equipment blueprint locations for you in one handy guide.

First, the big picture about equipment slots on ships. When a ship is built it automatically comes equipped with four slots for bonuses. The ship counter slot  is automatically filled to counter another ship type and is based on a rock/paper/scissors system (Battleship > Destroyer > Submarine > Carrier > Battleship) except for the Transport ship which counters a Land Objective threat.

Each ship also has a second slot which is randomly assigned a crew that brings with it their own unique bonuses. These can’t be changed, but two equipment slots can be unlocked (one when the ship is leveled to Rare quality and the second at Epic quality). These slots can be filled with specific counters you can buy from the Naval Equipment Specialist dock merchant for Garrison resources once you’ve found the blueprint for each. Here’s where you can find them all.

Found on Elite Rare Mobs

These mobs spawn in Tanaan Jungle. You can find them by their coordinates below (using the “/way X, X” command where X, X are the coordinates), by looking at your in-game mini-map for skull icons or by using the HandyNotes Addon with the DraenorTreasure extension. Bonus: Killing these rares will also count towards the Jungle Hunter and Jungle Stalker achievements.

Equipment Blueprint: Bilge Pump

  • How to acquire: Drops from Belgork. You can find him in an underground building at coordinates 34.9, 47.1 (just NW of Hellfire Citadel in the center of the map.)
  • What it does: The Bilge Pump counters Stormy Weather threat.

Equipment Blueprint: Felsmoke Launchers

  • How to acquire: Drops from Felsmith Damorka. He can be found standing by his alchemy table at 45.8, 47.0 in the Fel Forge area just NE of Hellfire Citadel.
  • What it does: The Felsmoke Launchers counter the First Strike threat.

Equipment Blueprint: Ghostly Spyglass

Equipment Blueprint: High Intensity Fog Lights

Equipment Blueprint: Ice Cutter

  • How to acquire: It’s an 89% chance drop from Cindral the Wildfire. This fire elemental rare is in a forge building between Fel Forge and Ironhold Harbor at 44.6, 37.6. You must first kill the Remnants of Cindral at the same location to get him to spawn.
  • What it does: The Ice Cutter counters the Icy Water threat.

Equipment Blueprint: Trained Shark Tank

Equipment Blueprint: True Iron Rudder

  • How to acquire: 95% drop rate from the named ogron, Zoug the Heavy. He spawns at 37.0, 32.8 at the western dock of Ironhold Harbor.
  • What it does: The True Iron Rudder counters the Evasive threat.

Rewarded in quest chain

Equipment Blueprint: Blast Furnace


These blueprints can be bought from your Tanaan outpost faction vendor. They are Shadow Hunter Denjai of the Vol’jin’s Headhunters faction for the Horde and Vindicator Krethos of the Hand of the Prophet faction.

Equipment Blueprint: Tuskarr Fishing Net

  • How to acquire: 220 gold with Honored faction
  • What it does: Tuskarr Fishing Net will bring back a fish reward on any mission

Equipment Blueprint: Unsinkable

  • How to acquire: 900 gold with Revered faction
  • What it does: Unsinkable will be consumed to prevent ship being destroyed upon critical mission failure

Raid drops

Equipment Blueprint: Gyroscopic Internal Stabilizer

Collecting and turning in all these blueprints will also earn you progress on the Naval Mechanics achievement. As you can see from that achievement tooltip there are additional blueprints listed that we haven’t covered here. So far they haven’t been found in the game and possibly haven’t been patched in yet. We’ll update the guide when we learn more.

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