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The QueueJul 1, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: He’s right behind me, isn’t he

Man I have absolutely no idea if this pet I picked up on the leveling stream a couple of weeks ago is any good or not. I don’t know if it does amazing DPS, or has some kind of weird ability that makes it a choice pick for any hunter. All I know is I cannot look at the thing without cracking up, which I think is probably as good a reason as any to keep him forever. Good little Brunch. We’re going to have so many adventures together! Let’s get to some questions.


Question for the Queue:  The Level 2 Garrison has an outhouse, but there is no “colourful” animation or sound associated with its use.  Why is this?

Because they didn’t include one.


Has anyone been playing this expansion without an army of alts and succeeded at doing so without their character being impoverished? If so, what is your secret?

Yes. I have exactly one character at level 100 right now, and my next highest alt is…I want to say level 96 or so. All I’ve done is built a Scrap Yard, built an Inn, leveled up and equipped 10 followers with the Treasure Hunter trait, gotten myself a Jewelcrafting Hut to do the daily with the gold reward, and picked herbs and ore consistently. Doing all of that has me rolling in gold.

From the Salvage Crates — any green items that look like good transmog prospects I will put on the AH, the rest I just vendor. I suppose I could turn them into enchanting mats or something, but hey, I’d rather have the gold. I turn around my ore and herbs on the AH fairly regularly because I just don’t need them for anything (beyond the Jewelcrafting Hut daily quest, anyway).

I don’t play the AH. I just post stuff every now and again. I imagine if I used the AH regularly, I’d have 400k gold instead of 250k, easily.


If you could change one thing, and only one thing, about this expansion, what would it be? How about the one thing you would not change?

One thing? Just one? I’d rip out the level 100 story, such as it is, give it a good re-write, expand the Garrison Campaign quests to 3 chunks of quests a week instead of one, fill out the storyline for relevancy, ditch the ancillary and irrelevant branches that send you to the middle of nowhere for no real reason (I love you Rexxar, but you really had no story relevance with your very important hyena-bird saving mission thing), and tie some kind of bonus rep gain mechanic into the thing so there would have been an alternative to just pushing out there and grinding mobs for hours for rep gain.

Maybe that’s uh…more than one thing. It’s one area, anyway, is that close enough?

I wouldn’t touch the leveling experience. That thing is beautiful. Gorgrond could use some tweaks, Talador could use a couple tweaks, but the rest is as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen. I liked it a lot.


Question 4 the Queue:

What’s the chance for some gear from a Mythic 5-man to be warforged? I know it’s been hotfixed to be multiple times what it was last lockout week, but I can’t find an even approximate percent. In other words, is it now feasible to run mythic 5-mans if you need the warforged gear but not the regular mythic drops?

I don’t know if it’s really what I’d call “feasible,” no. We don’t have an exact “This is the drop chance percentage” number for anything like that. Warforged gear isn’t a guarantee anywhere you go, it never has been — it’s just a bonus thing that sometimes happens. You can’t really plan to farm for it, it wasn’t really designed that way.


Q4Q: did you notice that late last night, the ship board is an instant not 20-second loggoff area?

Yes! They hotfixed the area — it’s now a “rest” area when you run into it, much like an inn or your garrison, so you can instantly log out. I fully approve.


Why do we bother spying on Gul’dan? He ALWAYS sees us and attacks

You know, there was this really interesting quote from the The Last Guardian where Medivh was talking to Khadgar about Karazhan’s construction. In that quote, he implied that Karazhan was there for Medivh to move into not because it had been abandoned, but perhaps because it had been built with the knowledge that he would be there to occupy it at some point.

The reason I bring this up is because maybe this isn’t the right question to ask. Maybe that question should be more along the lines of this: When we spy on Gul’dan are we really spying on Gul’dan, or are we just doing what he really wanted us to do all along and opening the way for him to spy on us?

Because Gul’dan is ridiculously clever, and I wouldn’t put it past him at all.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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