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News > Overwatch 2Jul 9, 2015 1:00 pm CT

Overwatch’s Soldier 76 gameplay preview

The Soldier 76 gameplay video is the most boring Overwatch preview yet — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While the other playable characters have all been a little fantastical with wacky gizmos and flashy theatrics, Soldier 76 is more grounded. Yes, he clearly still possesses near-future sci-fi cyber tech, but his gameplay style is more in line with the typical FPS: assault rifle, grenade launcher, sprint, and aim assist, which often exists as a default on console shooters. He is to Overwatch what Raynor is to Heroes of the Storm: easy to pick up with simple, easily understood mechanics. There’s a place for a character like that. It just isn’t very fun to watch and there isn’t much to say about it. I’m sure playing him would be more enjoyable.

One thing that did strike me as I watched the gameplay was how similar he plays to Mass Effect‘s Soldier class. The Soldier is, itself, a more typical shooter kit, but the analogs here are strong: the Mass Effect Soldier’s core kit includes the futuristic assault rifle, a forward-shooting rocket, stimpacks/first aid kits for healing, and Adrenaline Rush for aiming assistance. Given the Soldier was the most-played class in the Mass Effect series, this isn’t a bad thing for the health of Overwatch overall.

Oh, and yes, Pharah dies while trying to use her ultimate in this video, too. JUSTIeugh.

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