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DiscussionJul 12, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Where are the Warlords novels?

I will fully admit that I really like reading the various Warcraft novels out there. Obviously I have my favorites, but one of those things I always look forward to with every expansion is the release of new novels and some new story addition to the massive pile of Warcraft canon. I’m a little puzzled and disappointed though that we haven’t seen a single novel come out for Warlords of Draenor. Yes, we had War Crimes, but that was more about the fallout of Mists of Pandaria than anything actually appearing in Warlords. Since then, we’ve had a few short stories, but that’s about it. I had hoped to see at least one novel announced at the San Diego Comic Con panel, but all we got was a few graphic novel announcements, and one novel announcement. Of course I’m fully excited by the idea of an Overwatch graphic novel, but the other graphic novel, and the actual print novel announced are both tie-ins to the Warcraft movie.

And that seems really, really strange to me, particularly since we’re dealing with a world in which Thrall finally gets to meet and interact with his parents, Khadgar is wholly invested in this Gul’dan thing, Wrathion is MIA, Garona’s origins are left unexplained, Grommash Hellscream doesn’t know Garrosh is his son, Gul’dan does know Garrosh is Grommash’s son, Aggra just decides to show up, Yrel has to deal with the fallout from the death of her sister, Velen, and Maraad and somehow not get consumed by grief in the process, Grommash maybe might recognize Thrall due to what he saw in that crazy vision Garrosh showed him, Highmaul is falling to pieces, and really I could go on forever but this sentence is entirely too long already. The point is, we have ample opportunity for a myriad of novels here, and we haven’t seen a single one released.

For an expansion that Blizzard seemed so excited about from a story standpoint, it just seems a little odd that we haven’t gotten the usual novel or two dealing with the events presented in the expansion. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having print media to go along with the Warcraft movie when it comes out, but what about the story that’s being told right now? What do you guys think? Do you miss having a novel or two to read? Is the absence of any Warlords novels for the expansion a disappointment to you, or are you the type that really doesn’t pay too much attention to print media at all? Is there a story from Warlords you think would make a really good novel?

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