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The QueueJul 24, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: My problem with Gul’dan’s plan

Here’s my issue with Gul’dan’s plan this time around — I can’t tell what it is.

See, hear me out. He obviously intends to get as many orcs as he can hopped up on that ol’ demon juice, summon as many demons as possible (including his Archimondeness himself) and then to rebuild the Dark Portal and take a jaunt to Azeroth. But then I started paying attention to things he says and does, and well… I don’t think he has a plan.

Okay, so he figures he’ll get the Cipher of Damnation and… destroy the world? As in, the one he’s standing on? So I foil him, and he immediately says it’s just a setback and he’s still totally going to destroy Draenor. Which is where he lives. So is he not planning on rebuilding the Dark Portal and attacking Azeroth at all? Is destroying Draenor his actual plan now? To what end? I get that’s what the Legion wants, but why does Gul’dan want it?

So far it’s starting to feel less like I’m fighting Gul’dan and more like I’m fighting Kefka.


Q4TQ: What’s a good transmog set for a blue-skinned female troll warrior?

Do you want to complement her skin tone, offset it, or not have to deal with it altogether? There are various options. Warrior Tier 6 hides the skin entirely. Tier 6 (Onslaught) even hides the face. There’s a blue recolor if you want a set of armor that matches her feet since those will be visible.

The Cataclysm Tier 11 Earthen Battleplate will also more or less completely hide your skin, but it’s a lovely shade of blue with bright blue accents.

There’s all sorts of bikini armors out there, but I don’t like them.


Q4tQ: If you wanted to transmog your gnome monk to something tree-themed, what would recommend?

I… why would I want to… I mean, I suppose I could, but…

There’s this lookalike version of tier 15 druid that you can get from Throne of Thunder, if you want to look like a monster tree. You can mix in some pieces from this Burning Crusade lookalike set if you want to look more leafy, just don’t wear the antlers.


came here to ask a transmog question and discovered that that’s the theme today. Yay?

Q4tQ: Do you transmog your non-resto druid(s)? Mine’s a boomkin in astral form, and ‘mogging him still seems mostly pointless. I really doubt I’d even bother on a feral or guardian druid.

Did I somehow stumble upon Mog Thursday? Or perhaps Mog Friday, since that’s when this will be going up on the site?

No, I don’t mog my feral druid. He is a kitty cat. He stays a kitty cat. He’s never not a kitty cat. His gear is pointless. He’s a kitty.


Do you think it would be a good idea for Blizzard to offer level boosts for real money? I can’t afford $60 to get to 90. It just isn’t going to happen. But I could maybe afford $10 to skip to, say, BC. I would totally pay $10 to skip the expansion I’m in and go to the next one. Then I could pay a small amount over time instead of coming up with the large one all at once.

Anyone else in favor of this idea?

The problem is, Blizzard made the service the price it is because they don’t particularly want it to be popular. They put the free level 90 in the game when Warlords was announced because they knew it would help people get a character to 90 and start leveling with their friends, allowing older players to come back and experience the new content, etc.

They then allowed people to buy the character boost because as soon as this was announced people were talking about buying another WoW account, buying another copy of Warlords, and boosting a second character. Rather than forcing people to go through all that, they figured they’d make it accessible, but keep the price high enough that it wouldn’t be a casual option. At $20 or even $30, I could easily justify popping an alt a month up to 90. At $60, it’s not a casual decision, and that’s exactly how Blizzard wants it.

So I doubt they’d ever let you pay $10 to skip 10 levels. Sure, that ends up even more expensive, but it’s an easily justified decision – ten bucks in a month? Trivial. Much easier to justify. And that’s the opposite of what Blizzard is looking for here.


I currently have two of the +300% experience elixirs. What’s the best strategy to take advantage of these to the fullest? They are sitting in my bank because I’m freaked out that I’ll get stuck in a quest that takes forever to complete or get stuck with a dungeon that group doesn’t know what it’s doing.

You mean Elixir of Ancient Knowledge? It depends on if you currently have a character you want t use them with or not. My suggestion for ultimate maxing of the Elixirs (since you have more than one) is the following.

  • Roll a monk.
  • Get full heirlooms for said monk.
  • Level said monk to 60 (not 58, 60) and then go through to Hellfire Peninsula.
  • Do the daily quest getting you +50% more experience, plus the level 60 quest, which will stack and give you two hours of Enlightenment (+50% XP)
  • Port to Hellfire. Get a flying mount immediately.
  • Drink said Elixir.
  • Queue for Outland dungeons while questing in Hellfire. If you’re comfortable tanking, do so.
  • You will find yourself easily at level 65 before you’re done with Hellfire, and probably before the first Elixir wears off. You will now be able to go to Nagrand and quest there. Drink your second Elixir and do so.
  • You will likely be level 68+ before you are finished with Nagrand. You might be level 70..
  • Kiss Outland goodbye. You may well have finished with it in two hours.

You can still do this with any other class, you just won’t get the Enlightenment buff. You’ll still have the Elixirs plus heirlooms, and will likely still be done with Outland in two hours.


Q4TQ: What’s your favorite prehistoric member of the plant kingdom?

Sigillaria, a lycopodiophyte someone closely related to club mosses. They grew in vast, tree-like forms and were essentially the building blocks of the Carboniferous forests. In a way, their eventual extinction, decay and the geological pressures that transformed their corpses into first peat, and later coal, created the modern world despite their having gone extinct two hundred and fifty four million years ago, during the Permian. They’re often called ‘arboresque’ because they looked very much like a modern tree.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see you next Tuesday. In the meantime, ask Anne some good questions please.

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