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News > WoWSep 2, 2015 3:00 pm CT

New Timewalking rewards and how to get them

Patch 6.2.2 brought us a plethora of new Timewalking rewards, available from badges that you acquire during the event. We have some very exciting rewards, such as the Ironbound Wraithcharger and Eclipse Dragonhawk, as well as a return of the old Wrath reputation commendations and new Burning Crusade commendations. The badges are easy to get but will require some farming.

The weekly quest will get you your largest chunk of badges: 500 per event. This is a good one to do on different alts to make collecting all the rewards easier. Inside the dungeons, each boss awards five badges, the final boss offers 10, and you get another 10 for completing the dungeon. Make sure you loot each boss to get your badges, as they don’t seem to be showing up in the mail with the Postmaster’s letter. Northrend dungeons range from 35-40 badges per dungeon and Burning Crusade is a tad lower at 30-35. Those of you who need to gear up alts might want to grind dungeon badges on those characters so that you can get gear drops in the process.

Each Timewalking event offers a different rewards vendor as well, so even if you decided to go insane and collect everything immediately, you’d still have to wait for the next event to purchase the other rewards. The Northrend vendor, Auzin, is located at Tirion’s fountain in the center of Dalaran, and he sells these Northrend-themed rewards: the Ironbound Wraithcharger, Will of Northrend, Hourglass of Eternity, Wrath-model badge gear, and the old Wrath justice point reputation commendations.

Cupri is the Burning Crusade vendor, and will show up in Shattrath during the next Timewalking event. She sells the Eclipse Dragonhawk, Mark of the Ashtongue, Ever-Shifting Mirror, Burning Crusade-model gear, and new Burning Crusade reputation commendations. Both of the vendors also sell the heirloom scabbards and casings, which upgrade heirlooms to level 90 and 100, and the fishing bags from their respective expansions.

The badges accrue slowly, and I have the feeling that Blizzard plans on us to be doing these for a while. While I don’t mind participating in these every 3-4 weeks, they can get a little boring and I hope that Blizzard will add Cataclysm or Mists of Pandaria weekend events in the future. For now though, you can make the grind a little easier by doing the event quest on various alts, and purchasing smaller rewards on those alts while saving one character to bust out the grind if you’re so inclined. Healers and tanks will obviously have shorter queues and those of you with former legendary weapons will find the dungeons going faster.

Here’s a list of the Timewalking Rewards and their associated badge costs:


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