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DiscussionSep 26, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: How is the new Honor System going to affect PVE?

It occurred to me while thinking about Arms Warriors this week that the Honor System we get in Legion is going to radically change PVE design as well as PVP. The PVP changes are obvious — you’ll select various ‘talents’ that will change how you play in PVP, as the selected images indicate.

But what about PVE? How will this change balance? Will specs that traditionally dominate in PVP now be free to be designed to be competitive in PVE? And will the Honor System mean that you won’t have to spec in the most dominant PVP spec your class has, since the PVP talents will be completely separate?

For close to eleven years Arms dominated Warriors in PVP and also felt weak in PVE, save for brief moments of ascendancy that were usually quickly nerfed. Other classes have their PVP dominant specs — at one point tanking specs got so powerful in PVP that specific mechanics were invented to make them less invulnerable. For years people complained about Subtlety Rogues and Frost Mages. Is all this a thing of the past? Will the flavor of the month change forever, from a specific specialization to a general ‘X class with Y Honor System abilities’ and will that change the way we play in PVE?

I don’t know. But I figured I could ask you guys. What do you think?

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